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Joe Alt

Joe Alt (OT) – Notre Dame / Junior

6’8-5/8”, 321 Lbs. (Combine) 

2023 Stats: 12 games, 344 run block snaps, 368 pass block snaps, 1 sack allowed, 2 hits, 2 hurries 


Awards: 2023 Consensus All-America; 2023 Team Captain

Measurables (Combine): 

Hand Arm Wing
10″ 34-1/4″ 82-3/4″
40-Dash 10-Split Vertical Broad 3-Cone 20-Shuttle Bench
5.05 sec 1.73 sec 28″ 9’4″ 7.31 sec 4.51 sec  

RAS: 9.83

Games Watched: 2022 vs. South Carolina (Gator Bowl); 2023 vs. Ohio State; 2023 @ Stanford



Joe Alt has probably the most polished and NFL-level footwork and speed out of any OT in this draft.  Sets and resets his feet like a pro already.  So much goes into being a successful NFL offensive linemen, but footwork may be the leading indicator of whether or not someone will succeed at that level.  It’s something that can be learned/developed at the next level, but many often only improve it so much thereby limiting this ceiling, but Alt already has it.  Big, big dude but athletically big — not fat, sloppy big — and athleticism runs in his family, as you’ll read further below.  Flexibility, agility, balance — picks up stunts and uses his leverage like a polished pro.  Absorbs bull rushes with his fantastic footwork, balance and leverage.  Speed and athleticism gets him in out in space and blocking at the next level.  Blocks well in the run game, but even better and more fun to watch in pass blocking which, to be honest, is often the opposite for young offensive linemen.  Plays with some mean in him as his regularly finished plays.


Needs to improve his strength which is to be expected of a junior coming out of college, but he certainly has the frame to add on muscle weight without losing speed and agility.  His lack of strength is indicated in his inability to maul anyone in pass coverage and the run game.  His other outstanding traits have been able to mask this deficiency at the college level.  No reason to believe he won’t fill out more over the next few years, so adding that to his strengths over time will really make him a complete OT anyway.


Son of former Chiefs OT and 1984 1st round pick John Alt (inducted into Chiefs HOF 2002) and brother of NHL-er Mark Alt, so real athleticism runs in this family.  Health — has started in his final 36 games between freshman and junior seasons without missing a start.  Only allowed 4 sacks (3 of those as a freshman), 5 hits, and 15 hurries during that time while playing against top-notch competition, and on a team (Notre Dame) prolific at providing offensive linemen who produce in the NFL.  Alt and Fashanu, stack them either way you want, but whatever teams draft either of these two will be able to roll out a LT for the next 10 – 15 years and not have to worry about a thing.  I’ve had Fashanu as my OT1 for a while now, but I think I have to pivot to Alt after researching him for this profile but you can’t go wrong either way.  High character guy as he was Team Captain in 2023.

Completed by: Joe Knows (@JoeJ_Clark), 01/20/24

Updated: 03/04/24



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