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Fantasy (REDRAFT) – Consensus Overall TE Rankings (1 – 14)

UPDATED 06/21/24

The brains over at Toilets to Titles all decided to put together this year’s team of Fantasy Football Redraft Rankers.  For the 2024 NFL season, our team of rankers consist of:

  • Justin Stephens: @JustinFF_
  • Coach Schepps: @CoachSchepps
  • Mark Simon: @MTSimon
  • Dillon “Wicked” Carlson: @wicked_dynasty
  • Nate Wallen: @nate_dirt19
  • AJ Cola: @AJ_FFball

Each of these analysts ranked their top 24 TEs for the up-and-coming 2024 Redraft Season. Then Mark – the wizard behind the scenes – worked his mathematical and statistical magic to aggregate those rankings on the website for you at

Justin and Mark discussed the top 14 Tight Ends on last few week’s episodes of the Toilets to Titles flagship show on Tuesday Nights. In case you missed it, here is a rundown of some of our reasoning for our rankings…

Consensus Overall TE Redraft Rankings (1 – 14):

***It is important to note that we are basing these numbers and thoughts off of PPR Redraft formats, but the stats and many of the opinions will still work for most other Redraft leagues as well.

1) Sam LaPorta

5th in targets, 6th in target share, 4th in red zone targets, and 11th in deep targets. 5th in receiving yards with 889, 1st in total TDs with 10, and 4th in receptions. He played in every game last season finishing as the TE 1 overall and the TE 3 in fantasy points per game with 14.1.

  • Highest Rank – 1 (Justin, Coach, Mark & Wicked)
  • Lowest Rank – 2 (AJ & Nate)

Justin’s thoughts – The great news is that even as just a rookie, he finished in the top 5 in nearly every possible fantasy relevant category last season. The bad news is that he left little room for improvement. There is a higher statistical probability that LaPorta will see a negative regression than there is that he will improve. There is only 1 way to go from TE 1 overall if he doesn’t finish at the same position next season.  I still have him listed as my TE 1 overall because I feel there are fewer questions surrounding him than the other TE’s in the top tiers, making him the safest bet to be a top TE in any given week.

2) Travis Kelce (KC)

4th in targets, 2nd in red zone targets and 3rd in deep targets. 3rd in receptions, 2nd in yards with 984, and 5 total TDs. He played in 15 games finishing as the TE 3 overall and the TE 1 in fantasy points per game.

  • High – 1 (AJ)
  • Low – 5 (Coach)
  • Wicked – 2
  • Justin, Mark & Nate – 3

Justin’s thoughts – Kelce has finished as the TE2 overall or better in fantasy points per game in each of the last 8 seasons. Until he doesn’t do that, I’ll continue to assume he will be a top-notch TE. I have him as my TE 3 overall in a top TE Tier that has 3 in the tier. They are TE 1a, 1b, and 1c in my opinion and I’ll take the last of the 3 left on the board if I have that option available to me at the draft and if I want to go TE early as I rarely ever do.  My only real hesitation with Kelce finishing as the best TE, is that the Chiefs made it known that they were underutilizing him some throughout the regular season to save him for the playoffs. They only care about winning titles, not regular season games. Last season the usage was notable in his stats. Here is a rundown of his numbers from last season compared to the previous 5 seasons average…

5 season average from 2018-2022: 143.6 targets, 101.4 receptions, 1288.8 yards, 9.4 TDs, and 18 fantasy points per game.

2023: 121 targets, 93 receptions, 984 yards, 5 TDs, and 14.6 fantasy points per game

It is important to also note that even with the dip in number, Kelce still finished as the TE 1 in fantasy points per game and the TE 3 overall, AND that his 2023 stats were all very similar to that of his 2016 and 2017 seasons and he finished as the TE 2 in points per game both of those seasons. Even if they try to save him even more throughout the season, he will still be a solid TE 3 with true overall TE 1 upside and very little to no downside.

3) Mark Andrews (BAL)

23rd in targets, 6th in red zone targets, only 2 deep targets. 2nd in total TDs even with missing nearly half the season. He played in 10 games finishing as the TE 14 overall and TE 5 in fantasy points per game with 13.5.

  • High – 1 (Nate)
  • Low – 5 (Mark)
  • Justin – 2
  • Wicked & AJ – 3
  • Coach – 4

Justin’s thoughts – After fracturing his fibula last season in Week 11, Andrews was able to heal up and make it back in time for the AFC Championship game against the Chiefs on a limited snap count. He is fully recovered and ready for the 2024 season. Before his injury, he was the overall TE 9 on average any given week but had 4 top 6 weeks for TE in those 9 games. Outside of his rookie season, Andrews has finished as a top 5 TE in fantasy points per game every season. He is one of the most consistent TEs in fantasy.

4) Trey McBride (ARI)

6th in targets and 11th in red zone targets and deep targets. 5th in receptions and 7th in receiving yards 5th in yards after the catch and only 3 total TDs. He played in every game last season finishing as the TE 7 overall and TE 8 in fantasy points per game.

  • High – 2 (Coach & Mark)
  • Low – 6 (Wicked)
  • Justin & AJ – 4
  • Nate – 5

Justin’s thoughts – Last season, Zach Ertz got hurt in Week 7 and opened the door for Trey McBride. He wasted no time making a name for himself in Week 8 as the top fantasy scoring TE of the week against the Ravens with 25.5 points. From Week 8 and through the end of the season, McBride finished as a TE 1 a total of 7 out of 9 games. The Cardinals also clearly believe in him as well as they let Ertz go in the offseason and did nothing to replace him. If McBride continues his success in year 3, he will be a deadlock TE 5 overall and if he improves, we could be talking about him in the top tier of next year’s redraft leagues.

5)  Kyle Pitts (ATL)

11th in targets and 34th in red zone targets, but #1 in deep targets with 11. 3rd most snaps from the slot position, 16th most receptions, 11th in receiving yards with 667, and only 3 TDs. He played in every game and finished as the TE 12 overall and was the TE 16 in fantasy points per game with 8.1.

  • High – 4 (Wicked)
  • Low – 7 (Coach & Nate)
  • Justin, Mark, & AJ – 6

Justin’s thoughts – The hope is that with a new coaching staff and a new coach, we will get a new Kyle Pitts. The bad news is that we haven’t really seen it and we don’t know for sure if Pitts’ lack of production was all schemes. But the good news is that fellow TE from last season, Jonnu Smith, is no longer with the team and they did little in the way of replacing him. Also, with Pitts ability to play as a slot WR and even a wide out, and considering the team’s lack of depth at WR, it is highly likely to see Pitts gain at least 75% of the production that Jonnu is vacating in the offense. If that happens, then that would’ve equated to the TE 2 overall last season. That’s not even considering the much better QB play and the possibility of better play calling from the sidelines. Also, I love the 4th year breakouts for TEs, so while top 5 production isn’t out of the realm of possibility, I also have to consider that he hasn’t done it yet, but top 10 is almost a lock for me from opportunity alone.

6) Dalton Kincaid (BUF)

#8 in targets, #16 in red zone targets, and #6 in deep targets. The 2nd most snaps from the slot position, 7th in receptions and 10th in yards with only 2 TDs. He only missed 1 game and finished as the TE 11 overall and the TE 14 in fantasy points per game with 9.4.

  • High – 4 (Mark & Nate)
  • Low – 8 (Justin, Coach, & Wicked)
  • AJ – 5

Justin’s thoughts – Kincaid’s fellow TE Dawson Knox failed to live up to his expectations in his first 4 years with the Bills, so the Bills turned to Kincaid last season to the tune of a 70% target share among all TE’s on the team. The one aspect of Knox’s game that has been steady is his TD to target ratio, one of the few areas that Kincaid lacked in 2023. This tells me one of 2 things are likely to happen. Either Kincaid’s TDs will come up with the loss of Diggs and Davis and he will be a top 10 fantasy TE, or we find out this season that Know is simply the red zone guy and Kincaid will hover around that TE 10-15 range. I like the upside here with the possible target increase, positive TD regression, and another year in the offense.

7) Evan Engram (JAX) 

#1 in targets, #3 in deep targets and #14 in red zone targets. He had the most routes ran of any TE in the league and the most snaps from the slot. #1 in receptions, #3 in yards with 963, and only 4 TDs. He played in every game finishing as the TE 4 in fantasy points per game with 13.5 and the TE 2 overall.

  • High – 5 (Justin & Wicked)
  • Low – 11 (Coach, AJ & Nate)
  • Mark – 7

Justin’s thoughts – Newly paid Trevor Lawrence lost his WR1 and WR3 this offseason. Christian Kirk (who isn’t a true WR1) gets promoted and T-Law gets a new WR2 and WR3. I’m not saying it’s likely that Engram will have the same level of targets that he had last season, but I am saying that being one of the few on the team with that level of rapport with the QB and his ability to play out of the slot to help a weaker WR corp., helps to make it very possible to see another top 5 performance from Engram.

8) George Kittle (SF)

10th in targets and red zone targets, but 1st in deep targets. 2nd in average target distance and 3rd in yards after the catch with 483. 10th in receptions, #1 in receiving yards and 2nd in total TDs. He only missed the last regular season game and finished as the TE 5 overall and the TE 6 in fantasy points per game.

  • High – 7 (Justin & AJ)
  • Low – 10 (Coach & Wicked)
  • Mark – 8
  • Nate – 9

Justin’s thoughts – Kittle had a poor start to the season last year that had people tilting and trying to trade him away. That was coming off of a 2022 season that was very up and down and inconsistent. Yet, somehow with all of that and his injuries over the years, he has still finished as a TE 1 and TE 6 or better in points per game in every year of his career outside of his rookie season. He will always find a way to get his. Unfortunately, due to his style of play, he is also very likely to miss a game or 2, but at this range where we are drafting the mid to late TE 1’s you want them to have the potential of being the TE 1 any given week and to have TD upside, which he has already proven for the last 6 years that he has. Also, we just discussed the Aiyuk news so it looks more likely that he will have more slot snap opportunities or short to mid ranged targets.

9) Jake Ferguson (DAL)

7th in targets, 11th in deep targets and #1 in red zone targets. 9th in receptions, 8th in receiving yards, 6th in yards after the catch and 5 total TDs. He played in every game finishing as the TE 9 overall and the TE 10 in fantasy points per game.

  • High – 6 (Coach & Nate)
  • Low – 15 (Justin)
  • AJ – 9
  • Mark – 10
  • Wicked – 11

Justin’s thoughts – This is why I love the late round TE strategy. I do think that Ferguson is a top 12 fantasy TE, but I have him ranked 15 because I think there are 16 TE’s that have a real shot at top 12 and another 5 TEs that will have several top 12 weeks. This will be an amazing season yet again for hanging on to 1 TE you like and streaming for TEs with better schedules when yours has a tough matchup.

With 124 vacated targets from Gallup and Pollard and a 3rd year in the league, it is very likely that Ferguson’s upward trajectory will continue to rise. I probably have him ranked too low; I just love too many TEs in this range.

10) David Njoku (CLE)

3rd in targets and red zone targets and 11th in deep targets. 5th in receptions, 6th in receiving yards with 882, and 2nd in TDs with 6. He also finished first in yards after the catch with 599. Njoku played in 16 games finishing as the TE 7 in points per game with 12.6 and the overall TE 6.

  • High – 8 (AJ)
  • Low – 13 (& Wicked)
  • Coach & Mark – 9
  • Justin & Nate – 10

Justin’s thoughts – I have 2 main concerns with David Njoku. The first concern is that he traditionally isn’t very good to manage in fantasy football. He has been mostly unstartable due to having a gross majority of his games landing him outside of the TE 24 range. His big games are helpful to make him ok overall on the season, but he loses you more games than he wins you.

The 2nd concern is Deshaun Watson. Outside of just over half of a season last year with Joe Flacco (Who built his career in Baltimore around throwing to TEs) Njoku simply didn’t look good with Deshaun Watson at QB. In his 6 games with Watson, he finished as the TE 18 on average in any given week and averaged 8.67 points per game which would be the TE 16 in points per game last season. Watson also has a long history in Houston of never utilizing his TEs very much in the passing game because his style of play requires the extra blockers on the edge. Also, should Mother Karma continue to do her job and shelf the Human Predator again this season, we will see Jameis Winston come in and sling it deep. Njoku doesn’t play enough plays out of the slot or run enough deep routes to think that Winston would make him a viable TE for fantasy like Flacco did. However, he does offer a decent TD upside which is a huge plus when considering later round TE 1 draft picks and that is why I ranked him as my TE 10.

11) Dallas Goedert (PHI)

14th in targets and red zone targets and 28th in deep targets. 12th in receptions and 14th in receiving yards, even with the fewer games played. Only 3 total TDs but the 10th most yards after the catch with 319. He played in 14 games finishing as the TE 12 in points per game with 9.7 and as the TE 13 overall.

  • High – 8 (Nate)
  • Low – 12 (Coach, Mark, Wicked & AJ)
  • Justin – 9

Justin’s thoughts – Dallas Goedert has been a top 12 fantasy TE in points per game in each of the last 5 seasons. Last year was his worst per game season of his career outside of his rookie year and he still finished as a fantasy TE 1 in points per game. That is including the Week 9 game where he left early due to injury, week 18 when he was only needed to play in ⅓ of the team’s snaps, and the outlier game in week 1 where he only had 1 target and 0 catches after a very limited offseason of recovery from a torn labrum. If you take out those 3 games, he had an average of 11.54 points per game, which would’ve been the TE 10 in points per game. He also has a very safe floor and in that Eagles offense, he has big TD upside.

12) TJ Hockenson (MIN)

2nd in targets, 6th in deep targets, and 8th in red zone targets. 4th most receiving yards on the 2nd most receptions and 5 total TDs. He played in 15 games finishing as the TE 4 overall and the TE 2 in fantasy points per game with 14.6.

  • High – 3 (Coach)
  • Low – 15 (Nate)
  • Wicked – 9
  • Justin & Mark – 13
  • AJ – 14

Justin’s thoughts – Simply put, if he didn’t have the injury in the Week 16 game against the Lions, Hockenson would be my TE 1 for redraft this season. However, it was a torn ACL and MCL. Logic would tell us that at best he gets back onto the field around week 10 of the 2024 season and maybe starts to look close to his old self by around the 2024 NFL playoffs. This should mean that he should be undrafted for redraft purposes… But it’s TJ Hockenson and if you can get even 70% of Hock for even 25% of the fantasy regular season and playoffs, then he’s worth holding on your bench all season, especially if your league offers an IR spot. I ranked him as my TE 13 just because I can only draft him as a backup since he will be out to start the season anyway, but if I’m confident in the TE 1 that I get, I won’t bother with drafting Hock… But I will target him in the first waiver run if he goes undrafted.

13) Brock Bowers (LV)

His college breakout age was at 18, his true Freshman year at Georgia. Player Profiler’s best comparable TE to him based on college numbers and other factors is Travis Kelce (Not too shabby). His 3-year average at Georgia would give him a stat line of 58.3 catches, 845.7 yards, and 8.7 TDs in an average of 13.3 games (Since he only played in 10 games last season). This is a per game average of 4.4/63.6/0.7, which would be 14.96 points per game. Just for the heck of it, that would be the TE 1 overall in points per game, just about 0.3-0.4 points over Kelce and Hockenson.

  • High – 7 (Wicked)
  • Low – 19 (Coach)
  • AJ – 10
  • Justin – 12
  • Nate – 14
  • Mark – 16

Justin’s thoughts – Guys, he may be the 2nd coming of Travis Kelce, but even Kelce wasn’t Kelce in his rookie season. Your Sam LaPorta’s of the NFL are not going to happen every year, especially on a team that’s still trying to find its QB and even its identity for that matter. Not to mention, there is a chance he loses some snaps to Michael Mayer or even some opportunities to him in 2 TE sets. Let us not forget that the Raiders were very high on Mayer as well, taking him with the 35th overall pick just the draft one year before they drafted Bowers. I do think he can come in and make some noise, but I’m tempering expectations compared to a lot of rankings I’ve seen.

14) Luke Musgrave (GB)

TE 2 or 3 numbers in almost every fantasy relevant stat except for Deep Targets (11th) and Average Target Distance (ADOT) (11th). He played in 11 games finishing as the TE 24 in points per game and TE 30 overall.

  • High – 11 (Mark)
  • Low – 19 (Justin)
  • Nate – 13
  • Coach – 14
  • Wicked – 15
  • AJ – 16

Justin’s thoughts – Tucker Kraft was hardly involved at all in the offense last season until Week 10. Before that, he only had 1 game where he even had a target and he was still taking snaps, just not as a receiving option at TE. In that time, Musgrave had finished as a top 12 TE 2 times in those 8 games and was averaging as a TE 23 in any given week. Then Musgrave got hurt in Week 11 and Kraft played for 6 games without Musgrave. In that time, he had 3 of his 6 games finishing as a TE 1 and averaged as a TE 12 in any given week during that stretch.

Once Musgrave was back and healthy, we saw almost a virtual split between the 2 in usage for the Packers final 3 games (Week 18 and 2 playoff games). I’m the lowest on Musgrave at 19 and I set that based on what I remembered seeing on the field, before doing this deep dive in the numbers. After doing more research, I don’t think I’m low enough and I think Tucker Kraft may be the guy I take late in deeper leagues. If Kraft gets hurt, I’m not sure Musgrave is more than a mid-level TE 2, but if Musgrave gets hurt, Kraft may be a dark horse low end TE 1. Unfortunately, they still have Musgrave listed as their starter, but for receiving purposes (which is what we care about in fantasy football) I see much more of a split coming in 2024.

Stay tuned for more as the guys will continue to add rankings, episodes, and articles for all of their 2024 Redraft Rankings at all of the typical Redraft Fantasy Football positions.




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