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Fantasy (REDRAFT) – Consensus Overall WR Rankings (1 – 18)

UPDATED 06/18/24

The brains over at Toilets to Titles all decided to put together this year’s team of Fantasy Football Redraft Rankers.  For the 2024 NFL season, our team of rankers consist of:

  • Justin Stephens: @JustinFF_
  • Coach Schepps: @CoachSchepps
  • Mark Simon: @MTSimon
  • Dillon “Wicked” Carlson: @wicked_dynasty
  • Nate Wallen: @nate_dirt19
  • AJ Cola: @AJ_FFball

Each of these analysts ranked their top 84 WRs for the up-and-coming 2024 Redraft Season. Then Mark – the wizard behind the scenes – worked his mathematical and statistical magic to aggregate those rankings on the website for you at

Justin and Mark discussed the top Wide Receivers on last few week’s episodes of the Toilets to Titles flagship show on Tuesday Nights. In case you missed it, here is a rundown of some of our reasoning for our rankings…

Consensus Overall WR Redraft Rankings (1 – 18):

***It is important to note that we are basing these numbers and thoughts off of PPR Redraft formats, but the stats and many of the opinions will still work for most other Redraft leagues as well.

1) CeeDee Lamb (DAL)

1st in red zone targets, fantasy points per game with 23.7, total TDs (14), receptions, yards after catch, total fantasy points with 403.2 and the best man to man win rate vs DBs.

  • Highest Rank – 1 (Justin, Coach, Wicked & AJ)
  • Lowest Rank – 3 (Nate)
  • Mark – 2

Justin’s thoughts – Lamb was top 5 in almost every fantasy relevant category and was top 9 in most of the rest. He was an absolute beast. But let’s look at the few stats where he wasn’t ranked in the top 10 that typically equates to fantasy output… Only 19th in route participation and 22nd in snap share. 16th in air yards and 14th in deep targets. He was also only 70th in average target distance and 48th in yards per reception. In other words, he dominated the short game and the red zone work, but there is so much more room for improvement in the deep game. At worst, he takes a regression on the TDs and catches and doesn’t improve with Dak on the deep ball routes and he still finishes top 5 and you still won’t regret the pick taking him as your 1st WR off the board. Best case scenario, we see historic record high numbers that will help you dominate your fantasy season.

Mark – He’s earned his right in the discussion for the Number 1 pick. Dallas has shown nothing to show they aren’t going to throw the ball just as much this year. Not much more to be said but he’s Stud Tier.

2) Tyreek Hill (MIA)

1st in target share, target rate, receiving yards and yards per route run. 2nd in deep targets, receptions, total TDs, and fantasy points per game (23.5). He played in 16 games finishing as the WR2 overall.

  • High – 1 (Mark & Nate)
  • Low – 7 (Wicked)
  • Justin & AJ – 2
  • Coach – 4

Justin’s thoughts – Wherever Lamb wasn’t 1st in a receiving category, Tyreek was. Tyreek was also consistently great in almost every category, and he has done it for a longer stretch over seasons than CeeDee. I have him ranked 2nd behind CeeDee solely because he isn’t the only real option for his QB so there are some weeks where he will drop to a high end WR 2 spot because someone else got the TDs. Also, as stated above, I believe Lamb still has room to improve whereas Hill, while still phenomenal, is past his prime and likely won’t see an increase in numbers. Plus, with age comes an increased likelihood of injury.

 Mark – Hill was on a historic pace last year the only thing that stopped him from being the number 1 WR was a couple small injuries here and there. I’m just banking on him to stay healthy and that’s why I have him at 1.

3) Justin Jefferson (MIN)

4th in yards per route run and yards per team pass attempt. 5th in fantasy points per game (20.2). Jefferson played in 10 games and finished as the WR 33 overall.

  • High – 2 (Coach & Nate)
  • Low – 5 (Justin)
  • Wicked & AJ – 3
  • Mark – 4

Justin’s thoughts – Jefferson had 4 different starting QBs in the 10 games he played in 2023 and still finished 5th in fantasy points per game. So, on paper he’s talented enough to finish in the top 5 despite the QB. However, here is a breakdown of those games with each QB…

Weeks 1-5 with Kirk Cousins- WR 7, 8, 5, 7 and then WR 59 in the game he got hurt and left early against the Chiefs.

Week 14 with Dobbs starting and Mullens finishing- WR 64

Weeks 15-16 with Mullens- WR 22 & 7

Week 17 with Hall starting and Mullens finishing- WR 34

Week 18 with Mullens- WR 1

What this breakdown tells me is that Jefferson is wildly inconsistent with new QBs, but once he gets a rapport with them, his talent can shine. With the likelihood of the season starting with Sam Darnold or the rookie QB JJ McCarthy, and the fact that the first half of the season, the Vikings face some of the toughest defenses in the league, I am a bit worried about the start of the season for Jefferson. However, by talent alone he should be WR 2 at worst. Either way, if you end up with Jefferson you will be happy, especially in the back half of the season. If you don’t get him in the draft, then look to target him in a trade by around weeks 5 or 6 (They have a Week 6 bye, so owners may be even more willing to sell that week), because owners may lose patience by then and think they are selling him on name value alone and his schedule becomes wide open right around the time that he gains that real rapport with McCarthy by around Week 9.

Mark – I think Jetta is going to end up working out great with JJ. But I also think they brought in Aaron Jones for a reason. They will start out running the ball a lot, but JJ has the skill to burn a defense if they try to cheat, so I think they will be a run heavy team as long as Jones can stay healthy.

4) Amon-Ra St. Brown (DET)

Finished in the top 8 or better in all of the following relevant stats that help with fantasy football numbers… Targets, target share, target rate, snap share, red zone targets, receptions, receiving yards, yards after catch, total yards, fantasy points per game (20.7), yards per route run, contested catch rate, route win rate, and he played in 16 games finishing as the WR 3 overall.

  • High – 3 (Justin)
  • Low – 5 (Coach, Mark, Wicked & AJ)
  • Nate – 4

Justin’s thoughts – ARSB wasn’t 1st in any category but was top 8 in the most categories by far. Even more than Lamb or Tyreek. He is the best all-around utility WR in the league and the only one that can consistently do it all nearly every week. 9 of his 16 games were as a WR 1, but he only finished 3 games outside of WR 2 production or better and only 1 game that he didn’t score double digits. This is the level of consistency you want from a 1st round pick and a WR 1 on your team. A guy you can set and not have to worry about his production.

Mark – I don’t really have much to say other than he’s at 4 because of the people who are above him not because of anything wrong with. He’s just the bottom of the Stud Tier for me.

5)  Ja’Marr Chase (CIN)

8th in routes run and 11th in targets. 8th in red zone targets and 14th in target share. 11th in fantasy points per game (16.4). He played in 16 games finishing as the WR 11 overall.

  • High – 2 (Wicked)
  • Low – 9 (Justin)
  • Coach & Mark – 3
  • AJ – 4
  • Nate – 7

Justin’s thoughts – In 10 complete games with Joe Burrow at QB, Chase finished as the WR 44, 60, 6, 27, 1, 26, 4, 40, and 7. That’s 4 games as a WR 1, 0 games as a WR 2, 2 games as a WR 3, 2 games as a WR 4, and 2 games as a WR 5 or worse! That’s not the consistency I want from my WR 1 or from a first-round redraft pick. I still have him listed as a WR 1 because of the big game potential, but he is a low-end option for me that I will only take that high if I was fortunate enough to get a more consistent WR 1 in the 1st round. Let us not forget that I am still adamant that we likely will not see 100% Burrow ever again in his career and Browning’s numbers were barely a drop from Burrow’s numbers after he went down. So, if 90% Burrow is pretty equal to 100% Browning, then you can expect even more of a drop in production for Ja’Marr Chase and company.

6) Puka Nacua (LAR)

7th in targets, 5th in yards after catch, 4th in receiving yards, 8th in receptions. 6th in fantasy points per game (17.6), 6th in juke rate, and #1 in our hearts. Puka played 17 games and finished as the WR 4 overall.

  • High – 4 (Justin)
  • Low – 9 (Wicked)
  • Nate – 5
  • Coach & Mark – 6
  • AJ – 7

Justin’s thoughts – All those stats I read above he did as a Rookie! His biggest downside is that he did have 7 games outside the WR 2 or higher range. While I look at this as room for him to improve and be even better in year 2, it is inconsistent enough for me to understand the hesitation by others keeping him out of their top 5.

7) AJ Brown (PHI) 

8th in targets and 6th in target share and deep targets. 5th in receiving yards, 7th in receptions, and 8th in fantasy points per game (17). He played in 17 games and ended as the WR 5 overall.

  • High – 6 (Justin, Wicked, AJ & Nate)
  • Low – 7 (Coach & Mark)

Justin’s thoughts – He had 7 WR 1 weeks and 3 WR 2 weeks. So, there were 7 games where he finished as a WR 3 or worse. His inconsistency isn’t great as a WR 1 on your team, but even in those 7 games, he only scored single digits in 4 of them and one of those was in Week 18 when he barely played because their playoff spot was locked in. He isn’t going to just disappear, so he is solid enough to be a WR 1. Plus, the addition of Barkley at RB should help open up the rest of the offense as well.

8) <tied> Garrett Wilson (NYJ)

Most routes run in the NFL with 666. 4th most targets, 7th highest target share, 10th in deep targets, 9th in red zone targets. 13th most receptions, 22nd in yards, 28th in yards after contact, 32nd in fantasy points per game. Garrett played in 17 games and finished as the WR 26 overall.

  • High – 7 (Justin)
  • Low – 20 (Mark)
  • Coach & AJ – 8
  • Wicked – 10
  • Nate – 11

Justin’s thoughts – The numbers tell the entire story. They tried to get the ball to him all season. They simply had poor QB play, and they weren’t able to get into scoring position enough to make Wilson relevant enough. After Rodgers retires, it may be hard to rely on Garrett Wilson, because he has proven to be QB dependent. However, this season it is presumed that Aaron Rodgers should be back. Rodgers doesn’t have to be amazing for Wilson to finish as a WR1, he just needs to be efficient and better than average. He needs to be able to hit Wilson in space which is something that rarely happened last season. He needs to be able to get the team into the red zone for more scoring opportunities, which rarely happened last season. I believe Rodgers will be able to do this.

8) <tied> Davante Adams (LV)

2nd in targets, target share, red zone targets and target rate. 76th in yards per reception. 9th in receptions and 15th in receiving yards. 15th in fantasy points per game. Adams played 17 games and finished as the WR 10 overall.

  • High – 9 (Nate)
  • Low – 13 (AJ)
  • Justin, Coach & Mark – 10
  • Wicked – 12

Justin’s thoughts – Adams only had 4 WR 1 weeks last season. His only saving grace this season would be in Gardner Minshew is a step ahead of Aiden O’Connell and they actually let him start. As a noted disliker of Minshew, I think it is asking a lot of him to make Adams a top 5 WR again. They can’t target him much more than they already did last season when he finished as the WR 15 in PPG. So, better QB play and yet another season of a ridiculous number of targets and you might get a WR 7-8 range. I’m banking more on 10 and that’s more on Adams’ talent than any Raiders’ QB.

10) Chris Olave (NO)

12th in targets and 4th in deep targets. 14th in receptions and 17th in receiving yards. 19th in fantasy points per game. Olave played in 16 games finishing as the WR 16 overall.

  • High – 8 (Mark)
  • Low – 13 (Justin & Wicked)
  • Coach – 9
  • AJ – 10
  • Nate – 12

Justin’s thoughts – New OC Klint Kubiak can only bring revitalization to this stagnant offense from last season. With very little depth at WR and a QB in Derek Carr who threw the ball deep the 6th most in the league and nearly 50% of those deep balls going to Olave, the law of averages would suggest that we should see an incline in total TDs as Olave only had 5 last season. Adding just 3 more TDs on the season and a few more receptions would’ve brought him up from being the WR 13 in PPG. That sounds way better than the WR 19 that he finished at last season. Plus, you all know I’m a firm believer in the WR 3rd year breakout in the NFL.

11) Brandon Aiyuk (SF)

7th in receiving yards, 2nd in yards per reception, 4th in fantasy points per target, and 16th in fantasy points per game. 30th in target, 27th in snap share, 26th in deep targets, and 44th in red zone targets.

  • High – 8 (Nate)
  • Low – 19 (Wicked)
  • Justin & Coach – 11
  • AJ – 12
  • Mark – 16

Justin’s thoughts – It isn’t rocket science to see that Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel cut heavily into each other’s production. At the time of these rankings, I believe fully that one of them will be traded before the start of the 2024 season. Aiyuk is asking for Amon-Ra St. Brown money, and he isn’t getting it. If by crazy happenstance he does, then they will want to utilize him way more than the 53rd most routes run and the 27th highest snap share in the league. If that happens, then he will gain more production from Deebo. He was a mid-WR 2 in PPG last season, so his production would likely fall somewhere at the low-end WR 1 range.

Mark – 4 games as a top 12 WR 9 games as a top 24 WR 7 games outside of that. Yes, SF is a high-power offense, but not only does he have Deebo to compete with (who scored the same amount of fps last year while playing one less game) he also had Kittle who caught for over 1000 yds last season. Then on top of that CMC the biggest part of that offense. I still think he’s an awesome talent at receiver, but this is where the format you play comes into decisions. I already have him lower than most and honestly if anything he’ll probably keep moving down. He’s currently holding out the 49ers signed Juwan Jennings to 15m 2yr ext (10m guaranteed) just gave CMC a bag. Things aren’t trending in the right direction for him. Sure, if you told me they traded Deebo tomorrow and he signed a new deal I’d have him skyrocket up, but I just don’t see that happening it’s more than likely at this point if either of the two get traded it will be him and that point where does he end up. For redraft he’s just way too risky for me this year to draft as a WR one and as the contract situation continues to play out, he may be risky as a 2 at least the top half of them anyway.

12) <tied> Marvin Harrison, Jr. (ARI)

Drafted 4th overall to the Cardinals. His college breakout age was 20 years old in his 2nd season at Ohio State. His 2-year average over his last 2 college seasons was 72/1,237/14. That’s a weekly average of 5.8/99/1.1. That would be 22.3 fantasy points per game. That would be equivalent to the WR 3 overall.

  • High – 4 (Wicked)
  • Low – 20 (Nate)
  • AJ – 11
  • Mark – 13
  • Justin – 14
  • Coach – 18

Justin’s thoughts – Here are how both Kyler Murray and his top WR finished in each of Kyler’s 5 years of his career. These are on a per game average to be as fair as possible.

2023: WR (Marquise Brown)- 7.2 Targets per game, 3.6 receptions per game, 22.8% target share, 9.6 fantasy points per game (49th overall).

QB (Kyler Murray)- 33.5 attempts per game. (8 games)

2022: WR (DeAndre Hopkins)- 10.7 Targets per game, 7.1 receptions per game, 29.4% target share, 16.9 fantasy points per game (9th overall).

QB (Kyler Murray)- 35.5 attempts per game (11 games).

2021: WR (Christian Kirk)- 7.1 Targets per game, 4.8 receptions per game, 20.8% target share, 12.5 fantasy points per game (33rd overall).

QB (Kyler Murray)- 34.4 attempts per game (14 games).

2020: WR (DeAndre Hopkins)- 10 Targets per game, 7.2 receptions per game, 29.4% target share, 18 fantasy points per game (5th overall).

QB (Kyler Murray)- 34.9 attempts per game. (16 games)

2019: WR (Larry Fitzgerald)- 6.8 Targets per game, 4.7 receptions per game, 20.6% target share, 11.1 fantasy points per game (44th overall).

QB (Kyler Murray)- 33.8 attempts per game. (16 games)

So, with all that said, let’s give Murray a slight bump on his best season when it comes to attempts and say he has 36 attempts per game. And let’s say Harrison has slightly more targets than the best WR Murray has had to date (29.4% by D-Hop in 2 separate seasons) and we give MHJ 30%. That’s 10.8 targets per game. That would equate to just over 7 receptions per game. Let’s give him a booster there and call it 7.5. Last season, Puka Nacua had the best stat line for a Rookie Wide Receiver of all time, beating out Bill Groman from 1960. He had 6.2 receptions per game and a 28.7% target share and ended as the WR 6 overall in a much better offense with a far better and more accurate passing QB.

In short, MHJ will have to have a near perfect rookie season and have Murray play at his highest level yet, and they will need to throw the ball more than Kyler has ever thrown it, just so MHJ can finish in the top 8 at WR. I simply don’t want to put all my WR1 eggs into that basket, but his talent is insane, and he will come out as the clear cut WR 1, so the opportunities will be there. This is why I have him as a WR2 overall.

Mark – Every once and a while these freaks of talent come out of college, and you know you’re going to see something special. Being a Michigan fan, I watch a lot of BIG10 football, so I’ve seen a lot of Marv in particular a 7 catch 120 yd and 5 catch 118 yd performance in back-to-back years against Michigan. Chase and Jetta broke onto the scene their rookie years finishing as a top 5 WR and there is nothing talent wise that says he can’t but by my ranking at 13 you can see I Really want to rank him as a WR1 but the only thing preventing that is the little trust I have in Murray. But if you told me Murray played the whole season and Marv was a top 10 top 5 WR even I wouldn’t be shocked. But at the same time Murray playing a full season happens less often then the World Cup.

12) <tied> Drake London (ATL)

24th in targets, 2nd in Red Zone targets, 26th in deep targets, 30th in receiving yards with 905, and only 2 TDs. He had 10.9 fantasy points per game (42nd) and missed only 1 game last season finishing as the WR 37 overall.

  • High – 9 (AJ)
  • Low – 21 (Justin)
  • Nate – 10
  • Mark – 11
  • Wicked – 14
  • Coach – 15

Justin’s thoughts – Over the last 2 seasons, London has had very similar stat lines, but we aren’t ranking him this season based on performances of the past, but rather what we believe he will become with competent QB play. I have him ranked as my WR 21, which would give him around 14 fantasy points per game. He has earned 10.5 and 10.9 points per game the last 2 seasons. So, with a good QB for about half of the season in Cousins and a 3rd year breakout, I think that a 3.5 to 4 points per game jump seems very reasonable.

Mark – My ranking is purely based on QB play. London was my #1 WR coming out of his rookie class, and he got cursed with awful QB play. The fact that he had to suffer through Mariota only to get replaced by Ridder was embarrassing. The fact they were able to do anything with those QBs is a win in my books. Cousins and we’ll see coming off major injury should be a colossal improvement. So much so I see him shooting up the ranks this year. I think it’s a little bigger of an improvement then your 3-4 ppg which when I did the math, he would need 5.35 to get into the top 12 last year which I think is very achievable.

14) Nico Collins (HOU)

24th in targets, 26th in deep targets, and 22nd in red zone targets, yet somehow still had 8 TDs. 8th most receiving yards with 1,297. He had 17.4 fantasy points per game (7th) and played in 15 games finishing as the WR 12 overall.

  • High – 9 (Mark)
  • Low – 21 (Wicked)
  • Justin – 12
  • Coach – 13
  • AJ – 15
  • Nate – 17

Justin’s thoughts – I have him ranked where he finished overall last season. I do think he loses targets and has a small TD regression. However, I feel that gets balanced out by playing a full season (He missed 2 games last season) and facing weaker DB’s with Diggs taking on better coverage at times, helping with his efficiency. 12 may be just a bit high, but his consistency makes him a guy I can trust as a WR 1 as he really only had 3 games not in double digits if you throw out his injury game.

Mark – Talk about a 3rd year breakout! 3rd year breakout seems to be a thing of the past as players are popping a lot sooner these days. But for Nico it was just getting a talented QB. I loved him at Michigan where even then he only had Shae Patterson throwing him the ball and still managed just under 800 yds and 7 TDs his final season. (Btw do you know where Shea Patterson is now? Saskatchewan Roughriders (CFL) But back to Nico where some might feel the additions (Diggs Mixon) will hurt his reps I see it as a net positive. Diggs should draw top DB coverage from a lot of teams based on name value where Nico saw most of that last year. Mixon will undoubtedly still some TDs from the passing game, but his presence should force Defenses to respect the run in the red zone opening up some more opportunities as well.

15) DJ Moore (CHI)

5th in deep targets, 14th in targets, 6th in receiving yards with 1,364 and 9 total TDs. 12th in receptions with 96. He played in every game last season finishing with 16.9 points per game (9th) and as the WR 6 overall.

  • High – 8 (Justin)
  • Low – 2o (Wicked)
  • Coach – 12
  • Nate – 14
  • Mark & AJ – 18

Justin’s thoughts – Last season the Bears had the 5th fewest passing attempts in the league. This wasn’t exactly because they were up and didn’t need to pass. Their QB play was a detriment to the passing game. While Caleb Williams can run, he has worked over the last couple of offseasons on staying in the pocket as long as possible. This season, he will have 3 amazing targets. There is absolutely room for 75 more targets in this offense which would put them in the middle of the league at 17th in passing attempts. That’s not a lot. There were also 85 targets to other WR’s on the Bears last season that aren’t on the team anymore. That’s 160 targets to split between the aging Keenan Allen (who was getting 150 targets a season because the Chargers are consistently one of the most pass heavy offenses every year) and the rookie WR Odunze.

Now, even if Moore loses another 20 targets from the new look offense, that’s only a total of 42.2 points according to his points per target. He still would’ve been the WR 15 last season, which would be a very reasonable ranking and probably why we have him 15th in our consensus. However, we see it often enough that when a 3rd great WR joins the team, they all eat! They all get 1,000 yards, 10 TDs, and 100 receptions. And if they don’t have 3 great WRs, then that means Odunze isn’t great in year 1 or Keenan is no longer great, and DJ Moore still gets his. Either way, DJ Moore has a career of proving he’s a solid option and he gets better every year.

Mark – I’m going to start this off by saying this because it’s going to sound like I’m bashing DJ compared to how high you are on him. DJ Moore is one of THE MOST Consistent WRs in the game today. He’s only had 2 seasons in his career under 1000 yards and was phenomenal last year finishing as the number 6 overall WR. Now…. He’s only been a WR 1 once. On top of that he’s always been the primary option everywhere he’s been. The best WR he’s played with throughout his whole career was Curtis Samuel. Now i’m supposed to believe he’s going to continue what he did last year with a Rookie QB when they added a Stud Rookie WR in Rome and Keenan Allen, a target hound. No Thank you not for me. But yet I still have DJ as a WR2 at 18 which I believe is more than fair.

16) Michael Pittman (IND)

9th in targets, 4th in target share, and 9th in red zone targets. 4th in receptions with 109, 513 yards after catch (10th) and 14th in receiving yards with 1,152. He was 14th in fantasy points per game with 15.6 and played in 16 games finishing as the WR 13 overall.

  • High – 12 (Mark)
  • Low – 25 (Wicked)
  • Nate – 13
  • Coach – 14
  • Justin & AJ – 17

Justin’s thoughts – He finished as the WR 13 overall last season with Grdner Minshew at QB. I can’t believe in another rock-solid season from an almost 40-year-old Joe Flacco that was considered to be “done” before he was signed from his couch mid last season for the Browns. The Colts should be a run heavy offense this season. IF AR is able to stay healthy, I can absolutely see Pittman finishing in the top 10-13 range, but he won’t. You can’t predict injuries and that’s not what I’m doing here. We don’t have to predict it, because we already know it. AR hasn’t had a fully healthy season since High School and he only had 1 fully healthy season in High School.

Mark – Pittman’s one of my favorite WRs to watch. Commands the ball. Outside of his rookie year where he only played 13 games, he’s only been under 1000 yards one out of the 3 years where he went for 925. Now where he lacks majorly is TDs, his high season is for 6. But now let’s talk about QBs. Last year was his best season and was with Gardner Minshew for the majority of it who was probably the best of the 3 he’s played with, the other two Wentz and Ryan on the wrong side of their careers. Now I think Richardson has the ability to elevate his game that much more, but like Justin said the big question will be can he stay healthy. One of Pittman’s best games last year was the first game of the season with Richardson where he had 97 yards, 8 receptions on 11 targets and 1 of his 4 TDs on the season. So, I think if he can get a season in with Richardson, the sky’s the limit.

17) Jaylen Waddle (MIA)

12th in yards after catch and 2nd in route win rate. He played in 14 games finishing with 14.2 fantasy points per game (21st) and as the WR 34 overall.

  • High – 14 (AJ)
  • Low – 26 (Justin)
  • Mark, Wicked & Nate – 15
  • Coach – 16

Justin’s thoughts – Last offseason I was way low on Waddle according to ADP and every rankings list I saw anywhere and he still finished below my rankings on a points per game basis at 21st. That’s a law-end WR2. That isn’t even the reason I don’t like the guy for fantasy purposes. The reason I don’t like him is because of his inconsistency. He is heavily QB dependent as his stats plummet when Tua isn’t playing, but even with Tua, he can’t put together consecutive good games and he’s also heavily TD dependent. This was proven last season as Tua played every game and here was Waddle’s week by week finishes…

Week’s 1-4: Missed 1 game, had 1 game as a WR 3 (31st overall) and 2 unstartable weeks.

Week’s 5 & 6: He was a WR 2 both weeks.

Week 7: He was a WR 3 again.

Week 8: He finally had a good game as a WR1.

Week 9: Unstartable

Week 10: Bye

Week 11: WR3 (36th overall, so one spot out of being unstartable)

Week 12: WR2

Week 13: The last WR 3 again at 36th overall.

Week 14: WR 2

Week 15: Finally, another good week, with his first great week of the entire season finishing as the WR2 overall.

Week 16: Unstartable

In fact, over his entire 3-year career, the only thing consistent about his game is that he has flashes, but overall, he is really bad for fantasy football. But hey, he has a fun little waddle celebration thingy, so you can take him as your WR2 if you want. Personally, I’m happy to walk away from drafts without Jaylen Waddle on my roster.

Mark – Ooooo-weeee do you have a penguin phobia. I think his TD celebration did something to you! 🙂 Your spot on with the consistency issue but really bad for fantasy football?? We have really high standards if the 8th overall season and number 13th overall wide receiver is really bad for fantasy football. So lets be fair with the injuries points per game also doesn’t factor in the games he came out of and how they were affected. So Last year he missed 3 games and finished 33 and his overall fantasy points (202) were still only 47 points behind the 15th ranked WR Deebo at (249) so if he were to stay healthy which I’m banking on him doing then making up 47 plus points isn’t far from unrealistic. Also, the ceiling that he has if say Tyreek were to get hurt puts him at one of my favorite WR2s.

Justin’s retort – It’s the inconsistency and all the games where he finishes as the WR 45 or worse as often as he finishes as the WR 10 or better that make him bad for fantasy football redraft leagues… In a Best Ball League sure, I’d have him ranked higher. But, this ain’t Best Ball. But certainly, yeah… He does have big upside if Tyreek goes down, but solely from the volume bump alone.

18) Mike Evans (TB)

1st in deep targets last season, 2nd in total TDs with 13, 9th in receiving yards with 1,255, and 9th in routes won. Evans played in every game last year averaging 16.6 points per game and ending the season as the WR 7 overall.

  • High – 16 (AJ & Nate)
  • Low – 26 (Wicked)
  • Coach & Mark – 17
  • Justin – 18

Justin’s thoughts -Mike Evans has finished as the WR 16 or better in points per game each of the last 6 years, regardless of the QB, Coaching staff, or fellow WRs. Why would anything change now? You do get the 30-year-old discount on him again this season, but unlike most WRs that typically hit their age cliff, Evans has yet to show any signs of even slowing down. He’s a steady and consistent low-end WR1 to mid ranged WR 2 nearly every single week.

Stay tuned for more as the guys will continue to add rankings, episodes, and articles for all of their 2024 Redraft Rankings at all of the typical Redraft Fantasy Football positions.




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