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Wicked Dynasty Buys – Wide Receiver

Wicked Dynasty Buys – Wide Receiver

In the ever-evolving landscape of dynasty fantasy football, managers constantly seek the next breakout star to fortify their rosters for sustained success. While the spotlight often shines on elite names like Justin Jefferson, there’s an art to uncovering hidden treasures that can elevate your team to dynasty greatness.

In this exploration, we journey beyond the obvious choices, steering away from the well-trodden path of pursuing household names (Yes you should be trading for Chase, you don’t need me to tell you that). Instead, we will focus on those less obvious trade targets that possess the potential to become cornerstone assets or key flex contributors for your dynasty team.

So, fasten your seatbelts, dynasty managers, as we navigate the trade market in search of unsung heroes, players whose potential can redefine the destiny of your fantasy franchise. It’s time to go beyond the obvious and unlock the hidden value that could shape the future of your dynasty team. Let the pursuit of dynasty greatness begin!


1. Tee Higgins

My top Wide Receiver target (ha!) this offseason? Tee Higgins. The guy’s got the size, athleticism, and ball skills to rock the WR1 spot. He’s itching for a chance, likely eyeing free agency to break free from Jamar Chase’s shadow. Sure, he might face a downgrade at QB with a new team, but the increased opportunities will make up for it.

After a couple of 1000-yard seasons, Higgins hit a rough patch in 2023 due to injuries, creating a sweet buy opportunity. I would expect to see a steady climb in Higgins value over the next couple months, and it could really spike if he signs into a good situation. This is a move I’ll be looking to make sooner rather than later. Get him on your roster for the 2024 season – could be your ticket to a potential WR1 steal.


  • Elite size.
  • Excellent ball skills.
  • Proven target earner.
  • Wins against man and zone.
  • Likely to sign with a team where he will be the alpha receiver.


  • May see a downgrade in QB play / offensive efficiency depending on where he signs.
  • Needs to stay healthy after injuries hindered his 2023 campaign.
  • Savy dynasty managers will be high on him making it more difficult to get a trade done.
  • Hasn’t been able to put together an elite fantasy campaign as the second option on his team like we’ve seen from other receivers (i.e. Waddle in 2022), so still has some things to prove.


2. Rashee Rice

Struggling to secure a consistent role early in the season, Rice’s fortunes took a turn in the second half. Wrapping up his rookie campaign with six consecutive double-digit outings in PPR formats, including two explosive 20+ point games, Rice displayed a late-season surge that demands attention.

The Chiefs find themselves in dire need of a standout receiver, especially with Kelce nearing retirement. Positioned alongside the league’s best quarterback in Mahomes, in an explosive offense with minimal competition, Rice has everything laid out to claim a WR1 spot. We Frequently see receivers boom in their sophomore year after promising rookie seasons and I’d bet the farm Rashee is next in line. Factor in Rice’s undeniable skill set and Mahomes’ cannon of an arm, and the excitement for what lies ahead is real. Get ready for Rice’s potential breakout – the stars seem aligned for a remarkable year two.


  • Elite skills after the catch
  • Great size/speed/hands. Very balanced receiver.
  • Limited target competition + attached to great QB.
  • Took advantage of increased opportunity, showing his coaches he can handle the load.


  • Travis Kelce will be target 1 and 2 until he retires.
  • Could see the chiefs upgrade their receiver room this offseason, cutting into his opportunities.
  • Not utilized downfield much (Average depth of target: 4.8 yards) limiting his big play potential.


3. Jayden Reed

Choosing between Jayden Reed and Romeo Doubs for this spot was tough, and either pick seems like a win. But if I had to choose (and for this article I do), Reeds dynamic playmaking ability gives him the slight edge. Despite not dominating the snap share (at 56%), Reed consistently delivered significant fantasy performances, showcasing his knack for big plays.

Combining impressive speed and polished route-running, Reed makes life easy for the emerging Love, providing a reliable and open target. Anticipate an overall offensive uptick as this youthful squad continues to gel.

Sure, the target competition in Green Bay is stiff, but Reed has proven he doesn’t need to receive a ton of looks to make a fantasy impact. While WR1 territory might be a stretch, count on Reed to be a rock-solid high-end WR2, sprinkled with multiple standout weeks throughout the season. My money’s on him emerging as the top fantasy producer among the Packers’ talented receiving corps.


  • Great speed and route running allows for easy separation.
  • Offensive scheme and play calling favor his strengths.
  • Love is legit and can support multiple producers, including reed.
  • Green Bay offense will provide plenty of scoring/ big play opportunities.


  • Competition for targets will be FIERCE.
  • Skillset, size and roster may keep him from ever seeing elite snap share.
  • Green Bays projected improvement may mean less overall pass attempts as they play with the lead more.


4. DK Metcalf

Metcalf has to be on of the all- time list of physical specimens. His size/ speed combo is ridiculous, but for some reason he’s been hanging out in WR2 land for most of his career. Now, that might not scream “fantasy superstar,” but hear me out – it’s a sneaky advantage.

See, Metcalf isn’t the flashy name he was after his WR1 sophomore campaign anymore. He’s like that cool vintage find at the thrift store – not everyone’s rushing for it, but it’s got serious value. In the world of fantasy football, not every spot on your roster needs to be a headline act, and not every trade needs to feel like a Hollywood blockbuster. Metcalf can usually be had for a reasonable price and is your ticket to a stable WR2 or flex play, providing your receiver core a nice firm floor.

Having Metcalf on your team isn’t about fireworks; it’s about having a solid, reliable dude in your corner. This kind of stability gives you the green light to take a swing at those riskier, high-reward players. So, if you’re into snagging a dependable piece without the drama, Metcalf’s your guy. He might not be the talk of the town, but he’s the unsung hero every fantasy lineup needs.


  • Top tier size and speed.
  • Predictable role within his offense.
  • Dependable fantasy producer that will rarely lay an egg in a given week.
  • Typically, pretty easy to acquire.


  • Even if lockett doesn’t return JSN likely takes over most of the vacated target share.
  • No telling what this team looks like moving forward after so many seasons with Carrol driving the bus.
  • Seemingly capped ceiling despite physical gifts and ability.


5. Terry McLaurin

Scary Terry’s a guy I’m locking in as a WR2/flex play for the 2024 season. He’s been commanding an elite target share in the Commanders’ offense, and with the addition of a rookie QB, things should look up next season. McLaurin has been a target monster for four seasons straight, earning 120+ targets and 1000+ receiving yards each year.

Now, imagine Terry with a better arm slinging him the ball – efficiency and touchdowns could be through the roof. Plus, the Washington defense seems set on keeping the offense in pass-heavy game scripts, which is just the kind of situation McLaurin needs to succeed.

I’m banking on Drake Maye (That’s the pick, right?) living up to the hype. If that happens, Terry could easily hit the triple digits in receptions, cruise past 1000 yards, and see a career high in touchdowns. Worst-case scenario, you’re looking at a low-end WR2 or a high-end flex play. Luckily, that’s pretty much how he’s valued in trades, giving you a sweet opportunity to snag him at his floor and potentially ride high on his upside in 2024.


  • Proven target earner.
  • Reliable receiver who will look to be a safety blanket for his rookie QB.
  • Immense upside with better QB play.
  • Dominates snap share and is the clear #1 receiver on his team.


  • Coach turnover always leaves the door open for regression.
  • Hasn’t shown he can be a prolific touchdown scorer.
  • Will likely rely on volume, even with an uptick in efficiency.
  • Rookie QBs are never a guarantee to improve their receivers fantasy production.
  • Team doesn’t look like it will be very good overall.



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