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Peter Skoronski

Peter Skoronski (OT) – Northwestern/JR

6’4”, 315.0 Lbs. (Unofficial)

2022 Stats:

{Reference: }

Awards: 2022 Consensus All-American


Games Watched: 2021 vs. Michigan; 2022 vs. Nebraska


Skoronski has pretty good strength – strong hands and grip that he knows how to use, and a strong upper body.  He uses this strength, combined with his motor, and finishing mentality, to often play the part of the bully in the trenches.  He is quick off the snap, and effective, getting to, and blocking in the second level.  A very effective pass blocker who has the agility and foot movement to reroute pass rushers, and the strength to take on the bull rush.  He anchors very well (almost like he grew roots) and is known for a high football IQ for his ability to pick up stunts and delayed blitzes.


Skoronski plays a little stiff and has some trouble mirroring opponents, which could indicate that he translates better to Guard in the NFL.  He plays with good knee bend on some plays, but at high pad level on others which leads to a loss of leverage.  While he is fairly strong, he does not overpower opponents.  Longer armed opponents often get their hands on him first, but his very strong anchor helps offset his disadvantage in this area.


Skoronski entered the 2022 season as PFF’s #1 NCAA Offensive Tackle, but the caliber of the Tackles expected to enter the ‘23 NFL draft is not as high as we have seen the past few years.  Hence, while Skoronski played Left Tackle at Northwestern you may see reports saying that he projects better in the NFL as a Right Tackle or even Guard.  I agree with those assessments but I think it is reasonable to expect that he can make it as a true NFL Tackle – at least on the Right side if not the Left.  He is that mean player in the trenches that any team wants on their offensive line, but I do not see him being as effective and complete a player as fellow Northwestern alumni, Rashawn Slater.  Skoronski is more effective in pass protection than run blocking, but he can improve in that area and showed it in Northwestern’s 2022 Week 0 victory against Nebraska, where he had three big-time run blocks (he had four in all of 2021) {Reference:}. 

Barring some catastrophe, Skoronski will be a 1st round pick.

Completed by: @JoeJ_Clark, 09/2022

Updated: Joseph Clark, 02/05/23

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