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Ben Sinnott

Ben Sinnott (TE) – Kansas State / Junior

6’4″, 250 Lbs. (Combine)

2022 Stats: 12 games at TE; 367 receiving yards; 3 touchdowns

2023 Stats: 12 games at TE; 669 receiving yards; 6 touchdowns


Awards: 2023 Honorable Mention All-American

Measurables (Combine):

Hand Arm Wing
9-1/2″ 32-3/8″ 78-1/8″
40-Dash 10-Split Vertical Broad 3-Cone 20-Shuttle Bench
4.68 sec 1.59 sec 40″ 10’6″ 6.82 sec 4.23 sec ***

RAS: 9.49



Ben Sinnot is an athletic Tight End with the top speed and burst to separate from second level defenders with ease. He uses his athleticism to win on the many runaways he was asked to run. To pair with his vertical speed is his ability to accelerate out of speed cuts which he uses to be a great intermediate threat on digs and crossers. Kansas State utilized him in the flat on boots and rollouts which let him showcase his dynamic RAC ability. He has the speed to ruin pursuit angles and the size to occasionally shrug off tacklers. As his career went on, he improved his hands and catch radius to the point where he is a reliable target. On contested targets, he attacks the ball with physicality that lets him box out smaller DBs where he averaged a 52.4% contested catch rate in his college career and an 85.7& in 2022. 

Ben was used as a dynamic move blocker, as he was lined up all the way from slot to fullback. When blocking in space, he has the juice to get to the spot on time aswell as the upper body torque to clear second level gaps. He is very comfortable as a lead blocker where he shows his patience and mean streak. Ben was asked to be the split flow man on split zone where he was able to consistently kickout the defensive end with a chop block.


Though he is an athletic route runner, it is easily handled with physicality at the stem of his route. If Ben is unable to shake contact, he is rerouted and thrown off his timing with the QB. When pressed at the line of scrimmage, he lacks the foot speed and hand placement to win with either power or finesse. He may have the ability to threaten vertical, but he doesn’t have the nuance and patience to do so. Ben will rush the stem of his routes which lets the DB close the space with ease. On stop routes and comebackers, he doesn’t have the hip fluidity to sink his hips and stop on a dime.

Despite his special ability to block in space, Ben doesn’t have the play strength nor footwork to succeed as an in-line blocker. As the cutoff man in zone, he lunges to get into position causing him to overrun the aiming point and get shucked. On base blocks, Ben constantly pitter patters his feet instead of firing his second foot which lets the defender win at the point of attack. To add on to his poor footwork, he doesn’t have the play strength to win the battle of attrition on a constant basis. He has gained weight to help his lack of power, but he still has a long way to go to become a true in-line blocker.


Ben Sinnott will be 22 years old at the start of his NFL career which gives him time to gain play strength and size before maxing out his frame. His unique role at Kansas State requires him to be used in a creative way usually found in Widezone offenses. If Ben is used to his full capabilities he will be a top designated F/move blocker in the league. There is a chance he is drafted as a pure fullback or in-line tight end which will ruin his day 1 ability as well as his upside. All in all, Ben Sinnott is a unique tight end prospect who excells as a move blocker, but his lack of a specific role makes him susceptible to being used in the wrong role.

Completed by: @CharliePrio1, 04/09/24

Reviewed & edited: J. Clark, 04/10/24




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