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Blake Fisher

Blake Fisher (OT) – Notre Dame / Junior

6’6″, 310 Lbs. (Combine)

2022 Stats: 12 games at RT; 5 sacks allowed; 2 penalties

2023 Stats: 11 games at RT; 3 sacks allowed; 5 penalties


Awards: 2023 Joe Moore Award Semifinalist

Measurables (Combine):

Hand Arm Wing
10″ 34-3/8″ 83″
40-Dash 10-Split Vertical Broad 3-Cone 20-Shuttle Bench
5.20 sec 1.82 sec 28″ 9’6″ 7.76 sec 4.73 sec ***

RAS: 7.72



Blake Fisher has amazing power that he shows when he fires his 2nd foot in gap. With great footwork, there is no DL that is able to anchor his power. When he is able to get his hands on LBs, he’s able to make sure they don’t make the play. On the backside of all zones, he has a consistent first step and great path that lets him cutoff DL with ease. He gets enough width & depth while running right behind the post man’s shoulder to get the reach. 

Blake shows many flashes of excellent hand fighting when he experiments with ghost punches and chops during the rush that make the DE off balanced. He developed his patience with his initial punch that makes the DE show his move without a target to hit. With his excellent length comes a great initial punch. Blake uses a 2-hand as his base, which has great placement, timing, and power.


He doesn’t utilize a gallop technique which holds him back slightly when climbing to the 2nd level. If asked to climb to the 2nd level on the backside, he takes a horrible angle that never gives him a chance to cutoff the backside LB. On the play side of zone, he freezes and doesn’t fire his feet which lets the DE 2-gap him with ease. Blake also has a weird tendency of not firing off the ball which makes him lunge in attempt to get back in position. 

In pass pro, he has a clunky angled set where he is never balanced. He constantly drops his hips on the 3rd kick which lets DEs flatten the angle and collapse the pocket. When faced with power, he doesn’t protect his chest and doesn’t have the ability to anchor down.


Blake Fisher is a 21 year old prospect who was a 2 year starting RT at Notre Dame. His athletic and physical profile check all the boxes for a franchise OT, but he only uses it in flashes. He will be a good down blocker and backside OT as soon as he is drafted, but will need to improve his pad level and play side footwork to be a consistent run blocker. As a pass protector, he will hold his own with hand fighting and length, but needs to improve his anchor and pass sets to be a reliable OT.  Overall, Blake Fisher has all the tools to become a great OT, but needs time to refine some parts of his game to be as consistent as needed.

Completed by: @CharliePrio1, 04/03/24

Reviewed & edited: J. Clark, 04/03/24




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