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Kingsley Suamataia

Kingsley Suamataia (OT/OL) – BYU / Junior

6’5″, 326 Lbs. (Combine)

2022 Stats: 12 games at RT; 0 sacks allowed; 6 penalties

2023 Stats: 11 games at LT; 2 sacks allowed; 4 penalties


Awards: 2023 Preseason All-Big 12 Team (Big 12 News, Pro Football Focus)

Measurables (Combine):

Hand Arm Wing
10-5/8″ 34-1/4″ 82-1/8″
40-Dash 10-Split Vertical Broad 3-Cone 20-Shuttle Bench
5.04 sec 1.74 sec 28″ 9’2″ *** *** 31 reps

RAS: 9.38



Kingsley Suamataia has an inhuman amount of natural power that he showcases when duck walking defensive linemen downfield. He has a consistent first step that puts him on the correct path no matter the run type. In pass protection, he has a clean vertical set where he’s able to get to the spot while staying square. As the season went on, he started flashing his hands late which gave the defensive end nothing to attack. His power makes his initial punch deadly, as he ends rushes in its tracks on a consistent basis. Kingsley became very comfortable hand fighting in the middle of the rush where he uses a multitude of chops and snatches to destroy pass rushers.


Even though he has amazing strength, it is held back by his poor second step and pad level. In zone, he doesn’t fire his second foot causing him to lose his power and lunge. At BYU, he didn’t receive the ideal coaching which showed in his split alignment and inconsistency. With his great vertical set comes a raw angled set in pass protection. Kingsley reaches in his first kick, causing him to overset the pass rusher and give up the inside move. Against wide shades, he will bail his pass set and start running to try to get to the spot on time. This leads to many awkward losses vs speed and shows a lack of athleticism in his pass set. His poor pad level makes him susceptible to power threats even with his natural anchor.


Kingsley Suamataia is a raw prospect with amazing untapped potential. Even without great feet or pad level, he’s able to duck walk DL 5+ yards. The progress in his pass protection hands throughout the season makes it obvious that he’s able to learn and develop. He hasn’t had access to great coaching which shows in his split alignment, feet, and pad level. With access to NFL coaching, his deficiencies will disappear quickly and he will become a force at Offensive Tackle.

Completed by: @CharliePrio1, 3/23/24

Reviewed & edited: J. Clark, 03/24/24




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