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Olumuyiwa Fashanu

Olumuyiwa Fashanu (OT) – Penn State / Senior

6’6”, 312 Lbs. (Combine) 

2023 Stats: 12 games, 0 sacks allowed in 365 pass blocking snaps  


Awards: 2023 Consensus All-America; 2023 Team Captain

Measurables (Combine):

Hand Arm Wing
8-1/2″ 34″ 82-5/8″
40-Dash 10-Split Vertical Broad 3-Cone 20-Shuttle Bench
5.11 sec 1.77 sec 32″ 9’1″ *** *** ***

RAS: 9.49

Games Watched: 2023 @ Ohio State; 2023 vs. Michigan; 2023 vs. Michigan State


Olu Fashanu already plays like a high-end, polished, and experienced NFL player.  Recognizes and picks up stunts like a pro, uses his hands expertly in pass protection, excellent balance allowing him to take on bull rushes and excellent footwork allowing him to mirror.  Athletic big man who is long and has good strength, exceptional power at the point of attack.  High energy player, and has nice swivel and torque.  Plays with good knee bend, quick footwork, leverage, and balance and is difficult enough to get around or through that Fashanu let up ZERO sacks at Left Tackle in his final two seasons at Penn St.  Team Captain his senior year indicates that he had the respect of both his teammates and coaches.  Really plays like a polished NFL-er.


Polished and exceptional as a pass-blocker, Fashanu could use fine-tuning in the run game.  Definitely has quick feet in pass protection and while not slow, he’s not the quickest at getting out in run blocking and for a strong player, doesn’t seem to use utilize his strength as well in this aspect.  I feel that most of this is just a matter of finer tuning in the NFL, but he’s all ready for pass protection in the big leagues and that’s what matters to me, so I’ll live with what I feel are minor deficiencies in the run game.  He’s certainly not horrible in the run game but his bread and butter will be excellent blindside protection for his QB at the next level.


Strength, size, wingspan, footwork, balance, torque, leverage, mirroring ability — everything you want in a top level OT prospect and Fashanu checks all boxes.  Olu Fashanu or Joe Alt, stack them either way you want but they’re both legit OT1 top-10 prospects in this draft.  Draft and roll them out to the field game 1 of their NFL career and you won’t have anything to worry about.  I know that fans like the sexy picks like WRs and if your team is QB needy and you have a top-1o pick you’re hoping for one of the big 2 or 3 QBs…BUT if you can’t land one of them, then be very VERY happy with one of these NFL-ready OTs who will most likely be protecting your QB’s blindspot for at least a decade.

Completed by: Joe Knows (@JoeJ_Clark), 01/11/24

Updated: 03/04/24



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