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Easy Like Thursday Night

Week 9 

Houston Texans @ Philadelphia Eagles 

Philly -13/45.5

I am reminding myself before complaining that we did get a 27-22 Baltimore Tampa game last Thursday night…  That being said the evil lords of the NFL are once again taking advantage of our fandom as we will be forced to sit through the Houston Texans playing at the NFLs only undefeated team Philadelphia Eagles. 

Listen, we aren’t about fluff or filler here at Toilets To Titles so let’s get right down to it. I believe the Eagles even if they play down to their opponent a bit which tends to happen in these situations will make easy work of the Houston Texans Thursday night so the strategy really is how do we get 4-5 Eagles in our 6 man line up and what Texans do we actually feel comfortable drafting???? 

What do we know? We know that we 100% need Jaylen Hurts, AJ Brown and the Eagles defense in our line up. The Eagles defense not only needs to be in your line up but with a match up like this we are saving money right off the top by spending $10,500 to get the Eagles def in your captain spot! I expect double digit fantasy points from the defense this week.  

With 3 spots yet to fill let’s talk about what Texans we are comfortable with playing…. Ok good talk back to the Eagles!! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way and we do need to start at least one Texan. The only trusty worthy fantasy option in Houstonnrigjt now is rookie RB Damon Pierce and we will lay down the $8,600 for him this week. This leaves us with 2 spots and $7,900 left.  We really like Dallas Goeddert at $6,600 and even if you don’t like him he is the most trust worthy player left on the board other then kickers.  Devontae Smith at $8,200 and Brandon Cooks at $7,200 are too inconsistent and expensive for us at this point so I think Goeddert at $6,600 is the best value play left also.

That leaves us with $1,300 left which normally would not be enough to fill your line up out, however, at this point knowing we have the Eagles big guns as well as Pierce in our line up we are going to round it out with Brevin Jordan at only $1,000. This will be the risky play of the week but if Jordan can literally get us 5 points it will be well worth it given the rest of our line up and he did clock in with 2 catches on 4 targets last week and also led all Houston TE in snaps. 

Week 9 Draft Kings Thursday Night Showdown Line up:

Captain- Eagles defense $10,500

Flex-       Jaylen Hurts $11,800

Flex-       AJ Brown $11,200

Flex-       Damon Pierce $8,600

Flex-       Dallas Goeddert $6,600

Flex-       Brevin Jordan $1,000


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