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Ode to Football and Autumn

[This article has a soundtrack – oh yes it does – to accompany it if you’d like to listen as you read along (but wait for the music to actually start about 5-seconds in):  Vivaldi – Autumn.  Enjoy!]

Autumn!  FOOTBALL!!  What a TIME of the year that is upon us!!  And God, I do LOVE it so!

Thank you, September 4, 2021 – what a beautiful day!  Woke up this morning and it felt like 55F in my house.  Not cold, but rather cool and crisp – it felt like football weather.  Sweet, sweet football.  Sweet, sweet Autumn!!  I even thought about changing out of my t-shirt and shorts and putting on sweats, a hoody, and socks just to take a little bit of the sting out of the air, but I told myself, “No, ‘Joe Knows’ – feel this, Enjoy it.  Let that coolness envelope your body…because this is football season and football is here!”  And with an iced cup-o-joe in my hand, first thing this morning, I listened to last night’s episode of A Dash of DFS, Episode 1 (with @CoachSchepps, @DirtyJobs21, and a guest) I heard Coach express the same exact sentiment and enthusiasm – football is here!!  Football is really – truly, honestly here. 

Football.  Oh, how I love that word.  Coach Schepps has already begun coaching his high school team, @rgonzalezrm has been internally providing updates to us on the team about his son’s rocking start (as a freshman!) to his high school football career like the proud parent that he is, and my own son’s final season in flag football is starting soon.  I’ve already participated in a few fantasy drafts, and have one more to go.  And yes – college and high school football have already started, but the NFL season (aka the ring that binds them all) is about to arrive to tie it all together.  The full football experience!

This beautiful Saturday morning of September 4, 2021.  Sunny but with that coolness in the air that makes your skin tingle a bit.  I got out early this morning to get my car cleaned and pick up some coffee and pastries from my family’s favorite little spot in town.  Along my short journey, I happened to drive by our town’s high school football team practicing and heard the sound of a coach’s whistle.  Cool crisp air, helmets, pads, and uniforms (auburn and gray are our town’s team colors), and the sweet sound of a whistle with that metallic tinge to its voice.  Autumn and football are here!  And throughout the entire journey, to and from, I had Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – Autumn playing in my mind.  

I haven’t checked the forecast for tonight, but assuming that it’s going to get even cooler, I will absolutely be putting the fireplace to use.  Cool air, college football, and a crackling fireplace.  Heaven.  

So don’t be afraid to embrace this time of the year, folks.  Just embrace it!!  Go ahead and crack open those windows, put that fireplace to use, and, while the leaves are not falling yet, dust off the blower and rake in anticipation. While you’re at it go ahead and watch a plethora of football movies such as Remember the Titans, Rudy, Friday Night Lights (or the TV show), We Are Marshall, Undefeated (documentary), Any Given Sunday, The Longest Yard (the original or remake), North Dallas Forty, the exemplary TV show All American, and whatever other movies or shows I’m not recalling of the top of my head!!

And when you light that fireplace and put that college game or movie or show on today or tonight, do it with a football in hand.  And go ahead and toss it with your kid(s) or toss it lightly from hand to hand as you walk around, if it’s just you.  I know that I will.

Joe Knows.



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