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Bye Week Bangers: Receipt Check!

First of all, let me start with a big thank you to the crew here at Toilets To Titles for allowing me to be a part of this incredible group of people. I’d also like to give a big shout out to Jarod (@jarodgray) & Nino (@NinoBrown_T2T) of the Head 2 Head IDP show. It was a pleasure talking to y’all all season about guys that were hot for the week and those that were, well part of the “Squatty Potty Squad”.

With that said let’s get to it! I started out writing these Bye week Bangers back in week 7. I myself play in a 10 team IDP league where you have 7 IDP starters. Based upon that, I used all below 35% owned players to be my Bye Week Bangers, though the majority of players I selected averaged less than 15% owned. If you have any thoughts on the pool in which i used to select players from, I would love to get some feedback. If you believe next year I need to dive deeper or rather not so deep to help ya’ll win them IDP league’s, let me know! Also, I typically pick one player for each position DL, LB, DB. 

In the words of Chris Jericho “you just made the list”! 

Squatty Potty Squad

Week 7 – Montez Sweat and Malcolm Rodriguez

Week 9 – Willie Gay Jr.

Week 11 – Jerry Hughes and Jamin Davis

Week 12 – Tyrel Dodson and Isaiah McDuffie (teams had no byes that week but there were some injuries to be concerned about)

Week 15 – Josh Uche and Nate Hobbs

Week 17 – Matthew Judon

Bye Week Bangers

Week 8 – Cameron Dantzler Sr

Week 9 – S. Gardener

Week 10 – D. Hamlin

Week 12 – Kaden Ellis

Week 13 – Julian Love

Week 14 – Cody Barton and Chris Jones 

Week 16 – Christian Harris and Luke Masterson

Week 17 – Grant Delpit 

All the other players not listed above that I mentioned during the season turned out to be solid plays, but I just wanted to highlight the peaks and the valleys. As you noticed, we had a bit of a rough start but I was able to clean up by the time the playoffs rolled around. These IDP selections hopefully helped you win your league. Though, it is possible that some of them also put you in a position to lose your leagues…. I myself learned a lot this season, for one thing I learned I’m better at selecting DBs than any other position. Selecting LBs and DL was often really hit or miss. 

That my friends is it for the season! I can’t wait to do this again next season, I’ll try to eliminate the “Squatty Potty Squad” and give you all Bangers!

Catch me on H2H, Tuesdays 9PM eastern!

I’m part of the toilets to titles team, tweet me @ClutchRuss72.

Let’s win them IDP league’s!



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