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Jordan Morgan

Jordan Morgan (OT/OL) – Arizona / Senior (redshirt)

6’5″, 311 Lbs. (Combine)

2022 Stats: 10 games at LT; 1 sacks allowed; 2 penalties

2023 Stats: 12 games at LT; 2 sacks allowed; 4 penalties


Awards: 2023 All-PAC-12 First Team; 2023 Second Team CBS Sports / 247 Sports All American

Measurables (Combine):

Hand Arm Wing
10-7/8″ 32-7/8″ 81-3/8″
40-Dash 10-Split Vertical Broad 3-Cone 20-Shuttle Bench
5.04 sec 1.7 sec 28″ 9’2″ *** *** ***

RAS: 9.00



Jordan Morgan has next level upper body torque, as he folds DEs on the play side of inside zone. He is also very athletic while cutting off 3-techniques on the backside of wide zone. Even without a perfect first step, his athleticism and path paved the way to being a great wide zone blocker. In gap, he has the power to down block DL very successfully while also being a great combo duecer. As a pass protector, he has amazing strength in his hands and is very patient to throw his initial punch. Once the DE shows their move, he is able to use his powerful hands to stop their momentum. Jordan’s vertical set got better as the season went along, as he was able to stay square for longer and get to the spot on time.


When drive blocking close shades, Jordan Morgan’s lack of pad level and poor second step let the DL win at the point of attack and 2-gap him. For some reason, he isn’t a great athlete when climbing to the second level, and acts like the play is over before the whistle blows. Jordan is not the same athlete moving back as he is moving forward, as his feet are very poor in pass protection. His feet constantly come together in his angled set which lets speed-to-power rushers collapse the pocket with ease. Jordan will also overset DEs on pass heavy downs, giving up an easy inside move.


Jordan Morgan is a 3 year starting LT at Arizona where he’s gotten better every season. He is the perfect chess piece in the run game with his upper body torque and athleticism. Jordan wasn’t able to develop into a shut down LT in pass protection which will lower his draft stock. This raises questions if he will be able to handle NFL DEs with his lack of length and pass set athleticism. Many believe he has the perfect profile and tape to be a great IOL with his run game diversity. Overall, Jordan Morgan has great physical tools and is a Day 1 run blocker, but his length & pass set concerns may limit him to IOL.

Completed by: @CharliePrio1, 3/17/24

Reviewed & edited: J. Clark, 03/17/24




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