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Fantasy (REDRAFT) – Consensus Overall RB Rankings (1 – 14)

UPDATED 05/27/24

The brains over at Toilets to Titles all decided to put together this year’s team of Fantasy Football Redraft Rankers.  For the 2024 NFL season, our team of rankers consist of:

  • Justin Stephens: @JustinFF_
  • Coach Schepps: @CoachSchepps
  • Mark Simon: @MTSimon
  • Dillon “Wicked” Carlson: @wicked_dynasty
  • Nate Wallen: @nate_dirt19
  • AJ Cola: @AJ_FFball

Each of these analysts ranked their top 60 RBs for the up-and-coming 2024 Redraft Season. Then Mark – the wizard behind the scenes – worked his mathematical and statistical magic to aggregate those rankings on the website for you at

Justin and Mark discussed the top 11 Running Backs on this week’s episode (embedded above) of the Toilets to Titles Flagship Show on Tuesday Night and were even joined by award winning FantasyPros ranker Matt Donnelly of Rotoballer and Betsperts.  Then this week, Justin broke down RBs 12 – 25 on the list!  In case you missed it, here is a rundown of some of our reasoning for our rankings 1 – 14…

Consensus Overall RB Redraft Rankings (1 – 14):

***It is important to note that we are basing these numbers and thoughts off of PPR Redraft formats, but the stats and many of the opinions will still work for most other Redraft leagues as well.

1) Christian McCaffrey (SF)

Fantasy God. Top 5 in nearly every measurable stat that means anything to fantasy football.

  • Highest Rank – 1 (all)
  • Lowest Rank – 1 (all)

Justin’s thoughts – In Redraft, RBs are KING!!!! In SuperFlex, I may consider dropping him down to the 3-5 overall pick, but in 1 QB he is my 1.01 in ANY FORMAT, PPR or not.

2) <tied> Breece Hall (NYJ)

#1 for RBs in targets, Receiving, and Receiving Yards. Only 4 games where he wasn’t at least an RB2 and 9 games finished as an RB1. 77 evaded tackles were 1st in the league (Tied with CMC). Only 29 Red Zone touches (33rd) and only 1 Goal Line carry.

  • High – 2 (Justin, Mark, & AJ)
  • Low – 6 (Nate)
  • Wicked & Coach – 4

Justin’s thoughts – There are now 3 RBs behind him on the depth chart that were all 4th/5th round picks the last 2 years. I’m still not concerned about them in any way as far as taking any decent number of touches from Hall. He was already the RB 1 in targets, but now he gets Aaron Rodgers back who had already gotten to the age in his last 2 years in Green Bay where he was the dump off king of the league. Now he’s coming off of an injury that will keep him even more stationary and require him to dump it off a lot again. Hall finished as the RB 6 in points per game last season WITH ONLY 1 GOAL LINE CARRY ALL SEASON!!!!!! Imagine what he could do if Rodgers can even barely move the ball remotely more efficiently than the goons the Jets rolled out at QB last season to give them more Goal Line opportunities.

2) <tied> Bijan Robinson (ATL)

Played in every game last season finishing as the RB 17 Overall in fantasy points per game. 32nd in Red Zone touches. 6th in receptions. 9th in snap share percentage.

  • High – 2 (Wicked)
  • Low – 4 (Mark & Nate)
  • Justin, Coach & AJ – 3

Justin’s thoughts – In the 12 games last season where he had at least 15 touches, he was in double digit scoring in all 12. He also finished as an RB 1 in 8/12 of those games and at least an RB 2 in ALL 12 of the games with at least 15 touches or more. In the 5 games without at least 15 touches, he was RB 22, 57, 18, 37, 76… The RB57 game he went out early on the first drive of the game. So, he essentially only had 2 bad games all year and everyone thinks it was a disappointing season but only because of how much he was underutilized. (He averaged 10.5 touches per game in those 2 bad games he had). If the new coaching staff wants to keep their jobs, they will utilize Robinson often to establish a balanced offense and allow Kirk Cousins time to cook. Cousins (like most QBs) is at his best when the running game is well established.

4) Jonathan Taylor (IND)

JT played in 10 games last season finishing as the RB 12 in points per game and the RB 33 overall. The Colts ran the 10th most rushing plays in the league last season. 29th overall in fantasy points per opportunity.

  • High – 2 (Coach & Nate)
  • Low – 8 (Justin)
  • Mark – 3
  • Wicked – 4
  • AJ – 5

Justin’s thoughts – This one sucks for me. As a Colts fan, I see a lot to be concerned about with JT. I understand that he started the season off by missing the first 4 games with an injury. Also, last season he had below average QB play. However, even in his healthy games, Taylor faced a huge drop in numbers in his 4th year in the league in the way of efficiency and actual fantasy output. Maybe with a healthy Anthony Richardson he can see a jump in numbers again, but I’m on record stating that I don’t believe that will ever happen. Also, even with subpar QB play for most of JT’s career, he has still been able to put up decent numbers in the past, so why was last season any different? Also, let us not forget that JT was very much healthy to start the year last year and it was documented that he was starting the season out cautiously stating that he wasn’t going to take any chance of reinjury. After sitting out last offseason to hold out for a new contract, he got the contract, then decided to not play even though medically cleared. He got paid, now he wants to preserve himself so he’s not in physical pain when he gets old. JT is an extremely smart person, and he knows what he’s doing… And I don’t blame him. This was further proven later in the season when he had a thumb ligament injury that typically sidelines a RB for 1 game (If they miss time at all) and he missed 3 weeks for it. I’m not even mad at him as a Colts fan. But he has lost the competitive edge way too early in his career, just like we are used to seeing from all the best players in this franchise’s history.

5) Jahmyr Gibbs (DET)

The Lions ran the 7th most rushing plays in the league last season. Gibbs was 9th in total TDs and Receptions. 8th in targets, fantasy points per game and fantasy points per opportunity. Gibbs had the 3rd most breakaway runs and the 2nd highest breakaway run rate.

  • High – 3 (Nate)
  • Low – 10 (Coach)
  • AJ – 4
  • Justin – 5
  • Mark – 6
  • Wicked – 8

Justin’s thoughts After a slow start to the season in the first 6 weeks, Gibbs went on to record 6 games in the final 11 where he finished the week as the RB 4 overall or better!!! Those are incredible numbers. CMC only had 8 games as the RB 4 or better all season and he didn’t have to wait until Week 7 to be able to get involved more with the offense. Gibbs had an incredible Rookie year and even if he hits a small sophomore slump, he’ll still consistently be a top 10 RB for you most weeks.

6)  Saquon Barkley (PHI)

Last year the Giants ran the ball the 17th most in the league and Saquon finished 9th in fantasy points per game. Saquon went to the Eagles this offseason and they ran the ball the 5th most of any team in the league. Saquon was 43rd last year in fantasy points per opportunity with 0.73 and still managed to finish as the RB 13 overall after playing in all but 3 games.

  • High – 4 (Justin)
  • Low – 8 (Mark & Nate)
  • Wicked – 5
  • AJ & Coach & Mark – 7

Justin’s thoughts – Last year we had several games where Saquon was his old self again. Had the offense around him been even remotely efficient or effective, then he would’ve finished as a top 5 RB again. Probably even with the 3 games he missed. The only 5 games where he didn’t score double digits were Weeks 1 and 10 against the Cowboys who practically had a shutdown run defense the first half of the season when they played them (they also lost by a combined 89-17 in those 2 games abandoning the run early). Week 12 against the Patriots who finished 4th against the run. Week 15 against the Saints when he didn’t play a complete game, and Week 17 against the Rams. All 5 of those games were also the only 5 games of the season where he logged 13 carries or less. He will most definitely be given more than 14 carries nearly every week in Philadelphia.

7) Kyren Williams (LAR)

4th in the league in Red Zone touches. 3rd in total TDs. 2nd in fantasy points per game. #1 in snap share at 83.9% and 3rd in rushing yards with 1,144.

  • High – 4 (Mark)
  • Low – 12 (Nate)
  • Justin – 6
  • Wicked – 7
  • AJ – 8
  • Coach – 9

Justin’s thoughts – The Rams spent a 3rd round pick on Blake Corum who, like Williams, is a goal line monster. Corum had 27 rushing TDs in 15 games his Senior year alone. They will likely use him in spots to help save Williams and I feel a lot of that will be inside the 5, even though Williams himself is also good there. Williams is marginally better in the passing game and will still hold the starting spot, so I still see another incredible season coming for Williams, albeit with a slight regression. If it happens to be a large regression, he is still at a high probability to see top 10 numbers most week, so he offers a safe floor for fantasy owners.

8) Travis Etienne (JAX) 

5th in receiving yards, 11th in rushing yards, 4th most carries, 7th most targets. He played in every game last year and finished as the RB 3 overall on the season. He finished in the top 10 in nearly every important fantasy category for RBs.

  • High – 5 (Nate)
  • Low – 16 (Mark)
  • Wicked & AJ – 6
  • Justin –
  • Coach – 8

Justin’s thoughts – This guy will likely be one of those “Steals of the draft” when you look back on it depending on where he falls. In PPR leagues, I could see a couple of TEs and a handful of WRs going before him. And you’ll always have those 2 idiots in your league that will take Josh Allen and Pat Mahomes in the first 2 rounds and wonder why they didn’t make the playoffs. So, by this math, if he goes as the RB 8 in your redraft, he’ll be the 2.05 in your redraft leagues. To get a guy that has already finished as the RB3 overall this early in his career on a team that has lost all of their receiving options, and he is a good receiving back… The sky’s the limit. I think RB 8 could almost be a weekly floor for this guy.

9) Josh Jacobs (GB)

The Raiders ran the ball the 5th least of all teams last season, but Jacobs still had the 11th most rushes in the league, which equaled out to a 84.9% opportunity share. That was #1 in the league. He was 18th in fantasy points per game and 58th in points per opportunity with 0.63 points per touch.

  • High – 7 (Nate)
  • Low – 11 (Justin, Coach & AJ)
  • Mark & Wicked – 9

Justin’s thoughts – He’s entering year 6 in the league and most years that the best RBs hit that decline is year 6. Last year, he was just bad by nearly every measurable efficiency rate. Maybe it was the team, maybe he is falling off the cliff. However, I feel that if he were still “Top 10” level good, his talent would’ve overcome. He is going to a whole new situation with a better QB and a much better team around him, so there is room for upside, but his contract would suggest that the Packers aren’t exactly expecting him to be the man long term, so they want to see him prove his worth again. Also, Marshawn Lloyd scares me as far as a guy that can absolutely steal carries from Jacobs early and often. Not enough to say I won’t draft Jacobs, but enough that I only want him as an RB2 on my roster.

10) Derrick Henry (BAL)

Last season Henry was #1 in carries with 280, yet still only finished as the RB 16 overall in fantasy points per game. That’s even with the 6th most total TDs and the 2nd most rushing yards.

  • High – 6 (Coach)
  • Low – 15 (Wicked)
  • Justin & AJ – 12
  • Nate – 10
  • Mark – 7

Justin’s thoughts – Last season at 29 years old, Henry hit a cliff. His first 2 years in the league, the Titans didn’t seem to want to give him the ball much. Since his breakout year in 2018, he has had an average of 291 carries and 22 receptions per year. 313 touches per season and a total of 2185 attempts. Since 2018, Henry has more rushing attempts than anyone in the league. More than Zeke Elliott, Dalvin Cook, Nick Chubb, Alvin Kamara, Austin Ekeler, and Kareem Hunt… All players that many consider to be over the cliff or done for one reason or another. Last season, Henry looked like a shell of himself. With the new team and the fact that they run the ball WAY TOO MUCH, there is a chance that he has a huge spike in numbers for another season or 2. But there is also just as much of a likelihood that he won’t last all season. And if he runs with the lack of purpose that he had last season, then it won’t matter much that he has a better offense around him. Admittedly, even though he looked like a lesser version of himself, his rushing numbers were still good for fantasy because of sheer volume alone and you may get that again with the amount of attempts he is likely to get, but do you think he will be more active in the passing game? They don’t pass the ball much in Baltimore. And we know Lamar needs to get his 150 attempts as well. He had a 7.6% target share of 494 attempts last season resulting in 36 targets. That led him to RB 16 overall numbers. The Ravens threw the ball 494 times as well… Exactly the same number of times as the Titans. So, in order for Henry to do better than RB 16 overall numbers, you need him to have top fantasy RB numbers in rushing again AND do more in the passing game than he has ever done in his entire career with a team that is virtually the same offense in terms of run/pass ratio.

11) De’Von Achane (MIA)

#1 in fantasy points per opportunity and #5 in points per game and #9 in total TDs with 11. In only 11 games he had a total of 997 total yards. In 3 of those 11 games, he had single digit touches.

  • High – 5 (Coach)
  • Low – 23 (Wicked)
  • Justin – 8
  • Nate – 11
  • Mark & AJ – 10

Justin’s thoughts – This guy is a beast when he is on the field. Most of his time off the field last season was mostly precautionary because they had Mostert, and they didn’t need him. He was able to stay mostly healthy in college so there is no reason to believe he is “Injury Prone”. While Mostert is still there, he is now about to take the back seat to Achane. If you take out the games he missed and the 3 games where he was barely used due to the injuries, he was on pace for a season average of 2,023 yards and 23 Total TDs. That would put him at a tie for the most total yards with CMC, and the most total TDs by 2 over CMC and his teammate Mostert. Also, Mostert isn’t scoring another 21 TDs this year playing 2nd fiddle to Achane.

12) Joe Mixon (HOU)

5th in carries, 3rd in Red Zone touches, 11th in fantasy points per game, and 6th in total TDs with 12. 8th in rushing yards and 12th in receiving yards. He played all 17 games finishing as the RB 11 overall.

  • High – 9 (Nate)
  • Low – 16 (Coach)
  • Justin – 10
  • Mark – 12
  • Wicked – 14
  • AJ – 15

Justin’s thoughts – All the great stats above and he’s only going to be 28 when the season starts and he’s going to have an even better offense around him than what he had in Cincinnati. Low risk/safe floor. Perfect for a low-end RB1.

13) <tied> Rachaad White (TB)

2nd most carries in the league led to the fantasy RB 10 in points per game. 990 rushing yards and 3rd in receiving yards with 549. Only 6 carries of 15 yards or more. Played in all 17 games finishing as the RB 4 Overall.

  • High – 9 (AJ)
  • Low – 19 (Nate)
  • Wicked – 13
  • Coach – 14
  • Justin & Mark – 15

Justin’s thoughts – In 13 of 17 games he was an RB2 or better. In 9 of 17 he was an RB1. This is because of the 360 rushing attempts made by RBs on the team last season, he had over 75% of them. We got White for cheap in Redraft last season because it was supposed to be Sean Tucker SZN. Now I’m hearing people talk up 4th round pick Bucky Irving out of Oregon like it will be his turn. This makes me feel good, like we are about to get White for cheap in redraft again. He’s not going to go from getting 75% of the carries to being a backup. He may lose carries and most of his success was on the basis of sheer volume, but even if he is knocked all the way back to 50% of the carries, he is still a low-end RB 2 at worst, but you are getting the RB 1 upside. This is exactly what you look for in an RB2 for your redraft roster.

13) <tied> Isiah Pacheco (KC)

7th most Red Zone touches with the 8th highest opportunity share. 18th in rushing yards, 22nd in receiving yards. 14th in fantasy points per game. Played in 14 games finishing as the RB 15 overall.

  • High – 10 (Mark)
  • Low – 20 (Justin)
  • Wicked – 12
  • AJ – 13
  • Coach & Nate – 15

Justin’s thoughts – Pacheco is on an upward trajectory in terms of fantasy output. He was more consistent in year 2 and is the main receiving back for a pass happy Mahomes, so there is a lot working in his favor. But even with all of that, since Mahomes has come on the scene, KC RBs are capped on production by design. That offense is run through the passing game which helps open the running lanes, but they are not utilized enough for me to trust him as a fantasy RB1. But as a fantasy RB2…? There are also concerns for me in that his backups in KC suffered a lot of injuries, so they may eat into more of his opportunities as well when healthy. Sign me up as a low-end RB 2 on Pacheco.

Stay tuned for more as the guys will continue to add rankings, episodes, and articles for all of their 2024 Redraft Rankings at all of the typical Redraft Fantasy Football positions.




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