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Bo Nix

Bo Nix (QB) – Oregon / Senior (5th year)

6’2-1/8″, 214 Lbs. (Combine)

2023 Stats: 14 games, 4508 yards, 45 TDs, 3 INTs, 77.4 Comp%, 9.6 YPA

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Awards/Leader: 2023 Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year, Led FBS in Completion %

Measurables (Combine): 

Hand Arm Wing
10-1/8″ 30-7/8″ 74-1/4″
40-Dash 10-Split Vertical Broad 3-Cone 20-Shuttle Bench
*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

RAS: (Available post-combine/pro day)

Games Watched: Texas Tech (2023), Stanford (2023), Washington State (2023), Utah (2023), Washington (2023), Oregon State (2023)


None of the quarterbacks in this draft class play on time and in rhythm as often and as effectively as Bo Nix. He’s extremely savvy when it comes to recognizing where the ball needs to go before the snap. He’s also quick to diagnose post-snap changes by the defense. People will point out his low average depth of target as a negative, but he doesn’t do this because he can’t push the ball downfield. He does this because he makes quick decisions that keep his offense on schedule. There quick decisions are part of why his receivers pick up so many yards after the catch. His accuracy on short throws contributes to this as well. He’s very good at making timing throws between zone defenders in the middle of the field. He’s outstanding at avoiding negative plays of any kind. He has a great feel for how much time he has in the pocket, avoids pressure when it arrives, and rarely puts the ball in harm’s way. Outside of structure, Nix consistently makes plays on the move, showing excellent off-platform accuracy. Finally, NFL teams will love that he overcame adversity early in his career and used it to make him a better player. He showed his work ethic and maturity by completely transforming his play style to become one of the most productive players in the country.


While Nix is a good athlete, he’s not going to blow you away with physical tools. The best word to describe his arm strength is adequate. He can’t really drive the ball to the opposite hash the way other guys at the top of this draft can, although I think this is more of a mechanical issue than a physical limitation. He has a bad habit of lifting his back foot when trying to put more velocity on a throw, which ends up having the opposite effect. Ball placement on deep throws can be an issue as well. He shows the mental processing to go through multiple reads, but his mechanics tend to break down when he does so. He doesn’t look comfortable throwing into tight windows against man coverage and sometimes struggles to read leverage in these situations. While rare, there are a few instances of him seeing an open read and not pulling the trigger. To me, this stems from not being comfortable delivering throws when he knows he’s going to take a hit. His balance between taking care of the ball and taking calculated risks will have to improve for him to be great at the next level.


Bo Nix had an amazing college career and leaves Oregon as the most experienced quarterback in NCAA history with 61 starts. From his days at Auburn, constantly trying to play hero ball, to becoming nearly the opposite type of player at Oregon, Nix’s transformation has been truly remarkable. He’s turned into an excellent distributor who can keep his offense on schedule by taking the easiest play available and protecting the football. He could work really well in an offense that focuses on getting the ball out quickly and takes advantage of his running ability. He may not ever be the type of quarterback who can truly carry an offense, but if he continues his development I expect him to be a second contract starter. I view Nix as a 2nd round talent who could get pushed into the 1st round due to positional value. I’m not sure he has the ceiling to justify that early of a pick, but I understand if a team wants to take him late on day 1 to get the 5th year option.

Completed by: AJ Cola @AJ_T2T, 2/23/2024

Reviewed & edited: J. Clark, 02/23/24






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