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DNow’s Top 2023 CFB Offensive Linemen

With the focus in the 2023 NFL draft being on the tackles when it comes to offensive linemen it left a big door open for big names on the interior to fill the holes left by the outgoing class. These are the top 5 returning interior lineman of the 2023 College Football season.

The first player on the list is returning captain for the defending National Champion Georgia Bulldogs, Sedrick Van Pran. Sedrick has been a 3 year starter on the offensive line and comes in at 6’4 310 pounds. What I love about Van Pran is his motor. You never see him take a play off, he’s constantly looking for someone to block, and he loves to bury people with the double team. Due to his larger frame he is able to take on defensive lineman with ease. For his size Sedrick is very athletic and shows it in Georgia’s zone running scheme when he is able to chip at the line and make his way to the second level. What’s really underrated about Van Pran is his football IQ. He is constantly putting his teammates in the right alignment and can read defenses with ease. This allowed Georgia to only give up 9 sacks in 2022 despite being in the SEC. The only knock on Sedrick is he has a small wingspan for his size. This may limit how teams view him position wise at the next level, but I think that Sedrick Van Prann will be a day 1 pick and will be an anchor on any team’s offensive line for the next decade.

My next player is someone who plays center at Texas A&M, but who I believe is athletic enough to play all 5 positions. That player is Bryce Foster. At 6’5, 325 pounds Foster is able to hold his own in the trenches. What drew me to Foster was his initial burst off the line. Once the ball is snapped he is in the defense’s face before they realize it and really just loves to get a grip on them with his strong hands and move them out of his way. Foster is an above average run blocker and has the agility to pull and chip blockers and make it to the next level. When you watch him run block it looks like he really takes joy in being able to do what he wants and tries to bury the defender every time. My one knock against Bryce is his pass pro technique. He allows the defenders to get to close when blocking. This allows them to be able to use their moves and potentially beat him. With his size and his potential to play any position on the line, I believe that teams will be very high on Foster and he will be a 1st round selection.

My third player is someone who I believe could have gone pro this year and been a day 2 pick easily, and that is Cooper Beebe out of Kansas State. With the rise of the Wildcats you really saw Beebe grow as an elite blocker. Beebe has the ability to play Guard or Tackle really well at the next level. Beebe has an explosive first step and latches on to defenders and doesn’t let them go. He uses his thick legs as his power source and drives opponents into the ground. Has the footwork technique that he can play on the outside against edges but also can pull and kick up to the second level if playing guard. The knock against Beebe much like the others on this list is his arm length. They view him as a blocker that likes to live in the “Phone Booth” which again means with the right move a defender can blow by him. I however don’t have a problem with how he plays because you rarely see him get beat. I think that with another year like the last one Beebe has a chance to make his way into the first round but as of right now is a very early day 2 pick.

The next player on my list is Donovan Jackson. Jackson has been a 2 year starter for the Buckeyes splitting time between right and left guard. Jackson is the type of lineman you look for, he plays through the whistle and plays with an attitude. Jackson uses his powerful upper body to win against defensive lineman, he has strong hands that he uses to get ahold of defenders and move them as he wishes, and he uses his wide legs to drive opponents into the ground.  He is very athletic and has speed to pull and make it to the second level.  What scouts use against Jackson is he’s just not flashy. He does his job and moves on. Scouts see this as him not having any moves or not able to manhandle defenders, but upon watching the tape I believe is not true. Being on the Buckeyes he’ll have this season to show just how good he is against stout defensive lines, and possibly against other teams in the CFP. I see Jackson as a Day 2 pick but being a solid piece of a team’s offensive line for a long time. 

My last player is Clark Barrington, and honestly I put him on my list because I’m curious as to how he performs moving to a Big-12 school (Baylor).  Over the last 2 seasons BYU hasn’t performed the best when playing Power 5 programs, and while I’m not saying this is Barringtons’ fault I want to see how he does week in and week out against top tier defensive lineman. Barrington is a veteran on the line starting all four years he was at BYU, with the last 3 years being the anchor at left guard.  What I noticed about Barrington is how he uses the defensive linemans’ moves against him. He can be so fluid and allow you to go where you want to, but at the same time it takes you out of the play.  Barrington has such strong hands that it knocks defenders off their path and if he gets a hold of you you’re not going anywhere. Barrington plays with such a wide base too, that it’s hard to bull rush him and get past him.  The knocks against Barrington are that he can be too aggressive and may lunge at a block causing him to miss and get beat, and again a majority of his tape is at BYU against Group of 5 teams. This season is going to be pivotal to Barrington’s success. If he does well at Baylor he may hear his name called on day 3.

Other interior lineman to look out for: Darrian Dalcourt (Alabama), Michael Jurgens (Wake Forest), Connor Colby (Iowa), Christian Mahogany (Boston College)



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