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Editors Note:- Throughout the season we’ll be asking Toilets to Titles team members to answer us a few questions.

Today we have Coach Schepps, Mat, and Mike to answer some questions on 2021.

Who is going to come out and shock the football world with a week one win?

Schepps – There are surprisingly a lot of even match-ups week 1 so I don’t think there are going to be too many surprises. That being said, I can see the Cleveland Browns going into Arrowhead Stadium and delivering the Chiefs an L. That would definitely set the football world on notice. The keys to success for the Browns in this one are:

1. Mayfield playing turnover free football.

2. Chubb & Hunt keeping Patrick Mahomes off the field and out of a rhythm by getting first downs and eating up clock on the ground.

3. Myles Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney applying consistent pressure and making Mahomes uncomfortable every passing down.

The Browns can definitely pull it off.

Mat – Cleveland Browns week 1 v Kansas City

Cleveland will be out for revenge for last year’s playoff loss.  Even though the game is at Arrowhead Stadium and Kansas City were dominated in the Super Bowl, Cleveland will be hungrier and meaner. Think Rocky 3 when Clubber Lang aka Mr. T hammered Rocky. Cleveland has that “Eye of the Tiger” feel about them this year and will be too strong in week 1. Sadly, a playoff loss repeat is probably in store, as Kansas City gets that hunger back towards the end of the year, just like Rocky eventually did with the help of Creed.

Mike – Houston Texans- David Johnson has himself a day and this will be one of the three games Tyrod is healthy for. They won’t win more than 2 games this season either, but they will pull their shocker in week 1. In fact, I’m starting them in my survivor pools. (Side note: I’m often out week 1 Face with tears of joy)

Who is the team that is going to make the playoffs everyone is sleeping on?

Schepps – The Washington Football Team! I’ve been beating the drum for this team all off-season. It pains me to say as a Cowboys fan but I really think WFT can win that division. Their defense is absolutely loaded and will likely be the top unit in football this season. Their offense has a few emerging studs in Terry Mclaurin and Antonio Gibson. If Fitzpatrick can show us some of that Bearded Magic, they’ll be in.

Mat – Easy – The Patriots. This was a terrible team last year and they somehow went 7 and 9 despite a terribly tough schedule. They should have beaten Kansas City though Hoyer did his best impression of Bishop Sycamore and handed the Chiefs a victory. Look for the Patriots to play run first old-school ugly football and squeak out a wild card berth with a lot of winnable games.

Honorable mention to the Cowboys I think they are a playoff team also.

Mike – Cleveland Browns- they won’t have what it takes to get past the juggernauts Kansas City and Buffalo, but the rest of the AFC will submit to their will and their underrated defense. They have all the pieces they need to be successful at every angle of the game, and Baker Mayfield will have an above average season. But come playoffs, we will see where he falls short vs the massive IQs that belong to both Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes. 

Which playoff team from last year do you see struggling this year?

Schepps – This one was easy for me, it’s clearly the New Orleans Saints. After watching Jameis in the pre-season, I am a little more optimistic about what that team could do but I’m still pretty low on them. Drew Brees is gone and their window has officially closed. Scheppstradamus said it already but I’m gonna say it again, the Saints will be picking top 10 in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Mat – Da Bears. Everyone’s second team (well mine anyway) Chicago somehow made the playoffs last year. This year QB1 is the red rifle, Andy Dalton.  Fields will be special, but it won’t be enough just yet. Better years ahead for the Windy City.

Mike – Baltimore- the more I watch Lamar Jackson read defenses the more I think he looks like he’s just not grasping the concept at the NFL level. He has all the mechanics and talent a guy could need, but has confidence issues that I believe keep that team from winning their fair share. And I’ve been saying this ever since the Chiefs shut him down in 2019. He just hasn’t been the same quarterback outside of a few games since that day and has had issues adapting. I still see him finishing as a 1, mind you, but this is won’t return in wins from the organization in my opinion

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