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Cam Smith

Cam Smith (CB) – South Carolina / Junior

6’0” / 180.0 lbs (Official)

2022 Stats: 11 Games, 23 Solo tackles, 4 Assists, 27 Total tackles, 1 Tackle for loss, 1 Interception, 5 Passes defended



Measurables: QBR when targeted – 71.3, Wingspan – 76 ½”, Hands – 9 ⅛, Vertical – 38”, Broad – 11’02”, 40-yard – 4.43, 10-yd split – 1.49, 3-Cone – NA RAS: 9.69

Games Watched: [Coach] 2021 Vs. Clemson, 2022 Vs. Kentucky, 2022 Vs. Tennessee. [Nino] 2021 vs Vanderbilt, 2022 vs Tennessee, 2022 vs Arkansas, 2022 vs Kentucky.


[Coach] In your face corner, good mirror technique at the LOS to disrupt the receivers release. Good instincts and body control, does a good job at making a play on the ball at the end of the route. Utilizes his elite athleticism, quick feet to stay with receiver, shows his speed when closing on the football and shows his explosiveness when making a play on the ball at its highest point whether in man to man or breaking off of his zone and undercutting a pass. Good awareness/play recognition when off the ball as a zone defender. Will throw his body around when he has the angle on a ball carrier.

[Nino] Cam Smith is a high football IQ defensive back who trusts his talents and instincts. Smith has a smooth backpedal and his transition to closing on ball carrier/receiver is great. He can see the play in the backfield develop early whether it be a run, screen, or misdirection ( 5:45 left in 2nd qtr vs Tenn, Hooker throws to the RB 3 yd behind LOS, Cam sees the screen develop and leaves his DB 6 yds out and close for a TFL). Uses his 4.43 speed well as he tends to cover the speedy WR on the opponents team. (vs Kentucky held Barion Brown to 2 rec for 6 yds, vs Tenn held Jaylen Hyatt 6 rec for 65 yds).  Cam has good overall athleticism and elite coverage instincts ( 1:37 left in 1st qtr vs Arkansas, P/A pass to the WR in motion, Smith sees the play develop and switches to stop the ball carrier a yard short of the 1st). When it seems like he is out of the play or the WR has gotten behind him he doesn’t panic and can close to the ball (5:39 left in 2nd vs Vanderbilt, QB Mike Wright throws a pass down the right sideline to WR Will Sheppard away from Smith and at the last second as Sheppard is bringing in the ball, Smith knocks it lose for an incompletion).


[Coach] On the lighter side for a physical/press corner, evident against Tennessee (2022, 2nd QTR, 12:30), tight coverage on Cedric Tillman and can’t get through Tillmans body to make a play on the football. Struggles a bit to get off blocks and establish a presence against the run. Tackling technique needs work(high reacher, not a stick/wrapper).

[Nino] Although not a major concern, Smith did have a few injury concerns in ‘22 w/ a concussion and hamstring injury midseason. Cam does rely on his speed/athleticism sometimes too much and can get crossed up by double moves or more elite route runners. Smith does play aggressive but his 180 lbs frame could hurt him vs RBs and larger WRs in the NFL. His aggressiveness can get him flagged for PI but nothing that is a major concern.


[Coach] Smith is comfortable being left alone with a wide receiver and you can tell he plays loose and with confidence. Cam has experience going against some of the best receivers in the nation and has been matched up with them 1-on-1 without over the top help. Smith is a high level athlete who’s capable of lining up over the slot and over outside receivers, can excel in both man and zone coverage schemes. I question how interested he is in being involved in defending the run/screen game.

[Nino] Cam Smith is a top 6 DB in the 2023 NFL Draft hands down! He has shown consistent improvement in his collegiate career and thrives in the big games. His football IQ and athleticism alone make him creep into the ladder end of the 1st round but if not he is a early 2nd round pick in this year’s NFL Draft. Player Comp: Kyle Fuller

Completed by: @coachschepps, 03/17/23

Added to: @NinoBrown_T2T, 03/24/23

Reviewed & edited: J. Clark, 03/24/23


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